Tuesday, July 21, 2009

White Sox Emerging As Tigers Biggest Threat

To be honest, I thought the Twins, not the White Sox would be the primary threat to the Tigers the second half of the year.
But the White Sox won Monday, pulling to within just a game of the Tigers in the American League Central, while the Twins blew a 10-run lead at Oakland.
Clubs normally don't easily recover from losses like the one the Twins suffered Monday. It was a devastating. And I do think sometimes we give too much credit to the Twins and not enough to the White Sox. If you look at the A.L. Central since 2005, the White Sox have been the best team overall. They have won the division twice and are the only team from the division to capture a World Series championship. Paul Kornerko is really hitting for the White Sox, who also got a boost from Carlos Quentin returning Monday. The White Sox have a better bullpen than the Tigers, although I still believe Detroit has the edge in starting pitching.

Random Thoughts

- How good a player is Gerald Laird? I haven't been as impressed with his play lately as I was early in the season. Seems like some of his pitch calling is questionable and he is prone to hitting slumps. He'd benefit from not having to catch so much, but catching is obviously not a position of strength for the Tigers.

Two players the Tigers might have interest in at the trade deadline: Pittsburgh reliever John Grabow and Arizona first baseman Chad Tracy.



Blogger Barry said...

Well Pat, that doesn't really excite me about obtaining Grabow and Tracey. Tracey has not done anything since his injuries. Pat, what the Jays ask from the Mets for Holliday wasn't that much if the rumors are true. Tigers could match what the Jays were asking and then some. Holliday is a great pitcher and he is worth while for Mr.I open up his wallet for. Jays asking price is too low so someone will scoop him up.

8:17 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

The Phillies and Dodgers have better prospects to offer the Jays than Tigers. Also, finanically the Tigers have lost 20 percent of attendance compared to 5 percent around baseball. They also have all those big contracts. Only thing that may have them get Halladay - and it's a long shot - is that Ilitch is eamored with big names.

4:23 PM 
Anonymous Michael C said...

I think Laird's been great. I think his work with our pitchers has been a big part of our team going from one of the worse ERAs to one of the best this year (along with vastly improved D on the left side of the infield). Plus his arm is giving us free outs and preventing runs generated from stolen bases.

He's not a very good hitter, but what can you expect? Its not like we went out and got a 10 million a year catcher. For what we got him for he's been exceptional.

12:44 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Michael C,
He has thrown well, too. You make good points.

1:05 AM 

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