Monday, July 13, 2009

Inge's Chances Tonight As Good As Anyone In HR Field

After the way Josh Hamilton pounded the ball last year, I think the Home Run Derby has had a resurgence.
It had become like the NBA's Slam Dunk Contest. It was becoming an old bit. But it only takes a star caliber player doing something special once to re-gain the aura surrounding an event like this.
Actually, it did happen that way, too, in the NBA a couple years ago - when Dwight Howard donned his Superman cape in the dunk event.
The National League does seem to be taking the event tonight more seriously. Ryan Howard, Adrian Gonzalez, Prince Fielder and Albert Pujols are the cream of the crop of National League power hitters. No Justin Moreau, Hamilton, Alex Rodriguez or Mark Teixeira for the American League.
Nelson Cruz and Brandon Inge don't exactly have a lot of wow appeal nationally. Neither does Carlos Pena, although he has won a home run title. Joe Mauer is known more for hitting for average.
But I wouldn't count any of them out. It wouldn't surprise me if Inge does very well. He is not big, but it strong and compact.
I remember covering an All Star Game in Cleveland when Jim Thome was in his prime. The crowd was going nuts when he got up there - and I think he only hit one ball out. There was a lot of pressure on him - like there will be for Pujols tonight.
And remember Ivan Rodriguez in 2005 at Comerica Park? He had lost all that weight, and people were cracking jokes that he was involved in the event. He got to the finals.
It'll be fun. The one thing I wish they would do it is find a way to shorten the competition a bit. It
tends to drag out for too long.

My column in Monday's Oakland Press about the travesty of having Matt Millen on the NFL Network.


Blogger Fred Brill said...

I know this is going to sound odd coming from me, but I wish Inge wasn't entering the home run derby.

I don't think any good can come from it.

And the fans really want to see the homerun bombers.

I did however do my best to determine how the Tigers will do in this second half of the season. I would be interested to see what all of you thought about it.

I do feel kid of bad about giving you a hard time about Inge on your show the Thursday night night with my text message. It was kind of funny having you yell at me through my radio.

I didn't know you cared :)

3:20 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just musing during the All-Star break. Prentending to be the GM, the player I would most like to acquire is ... Nick Markakis, He is a good fielding, solid hitting fairly young rightfielder. He would be perfect in the 5 or 3 hole. Now, I have no clue if he is available but what if the Tigers offered Zumaya, Josh Anderson, Wlkin Ramirez & if necessary Jacob Turner. Question 1. Is that too much or enough for Markasis? 2. How much would Markasis help the Tigers? Again I have read or seen nothing that says he is available. Just wishful thinking on my part.


8:51 PM 
Blogger Barry said...

Hey Pat, I think too that Brando can do well in the Home Run derby. Power is not his problem and if they throw in his zone then he will do just fine. Pat, didn’t look up the stats and I know there is a lot of competition at 1B, but I think it is a shame that Cabrera didn't make it. He doesn’t have anybody protecting him.

9:06 PM 
Blogger maddog52 said...

Almost Book haha.. He was defaintely all or nothing tonight... I know the derby was on.. but how cool is MLB become. They show such great classics. It be nice if the NBA made its network widely available like the NFL and MLB. Last night they had the 1971 mid summer classic on... Kind of cool for a guy like me who was born a couple years after it... I never saw it other then highlights. To see those greats pretty amazing.

I tell you what is amazing about the tigers. To me the guys that let the Tigers down in the first half are the ones we were suppose to count on for consistancy. I mean Granderson has hit 18 HR, but besides taht he has struck out a boat load and hasn't found the gap at all liek we are use to seeing. How about Cabrera. Yeah he has some decent numbers, but how many times has been a true Super star. Everytime it seems he is up with 2 men on he bounces into a DP or Strikes Out. I personally feel yeah a bat would be nice. How about a guy like B.J. Ryan who you'd have to give up nothing for. Let Zumaya ride the rest of the year out in the minors to become a starter. You send one of our Short Stops, Bonderman, Perry and throw in Willis for Free lol for Halladay.. Might be intriguing for the Jays. They get the SS they want. They get the back end of the rotation guy they want and they get a solid BP guy. We add Ryan. Find a hitter..and get holliday to go with Jackson, verlander and porcello.. I then like our chances.

Wishful thinking I Know I am in way over my head, but that's what this time of year is about.. Rumors and BS... haha.. Me personally though I'd like to see us grab another arm.. and see what Guillen can bring and keep riding out the Clete Thomas or Rayburns who ever is hot at the time.

10:33 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Fred Brill,
On this subject, your view was genuinely perceptive. Nothing good did come from it. That was awful. I took no offense at your text. I didn't "yell" at you. Thought it was funny. What do you think Inge's final average will be anyway?

4:41 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Huff or Scott would be more likely from the Orioles. They can't trade Turner until a year after they sign him.

4:42 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

We were both wrong about Inge. Cabrera hasn't done much lately, but I agree, he doesn't have anyone protecting. Pujols doesn't often, either, but he still carries his team. Wonder if Cabrera will ever be as good as Pujols. The potential is there.

4:45 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose. Sometimes you just eat crow.

4:45 AM 
Blogger Joe said...

Book, I guess you were right about Juan Cruz not having a lot of wow appeal considering his name is Nelson Cruz. LOL

3:46 PM 

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