Thursday, July 23, 2009

Vick's Biggest Value Is As A Wildcat Specialist

The spread option offense is going to take on more and more of a role in the NFL.
It only makes sense. Go to a high school game. More than half the high schools in Oakland County and Southeastern Michigan run it. Nationwide, it's the same thing.
Big, tall pocket passers aren't being developed to the degree they used to be - spread option QBs are instead.
Quarterbacks are going to camps to learn the spread option from the time they are in 6th and 7th grade.
Oddly, considering he comes from an era before the spread option became the rage, is where I think Michael Vick will fit into the NFL.
Not necessarily as a full-time starter, at least when he initially returns, but as a "wildcat" or spread option specialist.
NFL teams have gone to the spread option in spots. Lots of times last season, but with running backs. Miami drafted Pat White - so there is the threat to throw out of it more effectively.
Right now, it's another look - a wrinkle. It will become more than that in the future if a QB is taking the snaps. When it does, you will see quarterbacks with the skill set of Vick, White and Tim Tebow becomes specialists in a manner almost like that of third-down running backs in passing situations.
And if defenses don't adjust effectively and QBs don't get injured at an alarming rate - which some predict - it will become a primary offense.

Random Thoughts

- It's unlikely Brandon Inge will play every day for the Tigers the second half of the season because of his balky knees. The biggest loss won't be his bat, but rather what he does defensively. Ryan Raburn isn't strong defensively at third base.

- I still think the Tigers starting pitching will keep them in the race until the end, and that they still have a real possibility of winning the American League Central. They need bullpen help. It'll be interesting to see how Ryan Perry responds to the pressure now that he has been called up from Toledo. He is a big time talent, but can he throw strikes?



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