Friday, April 10, 2009

Automakers Signs At Comerica Classy Move By Ilitch

There is a reason Tigers owner Mike Ilitch is garnering much praise for putting the logos of Chrysler, General Motors and Ford above the center field fountain at Comerica Park - free of charge. It's because he deserves it.
It was a sincere move by a Detroit native. Ilitch has his share of detractors. Some of it is justified, but Ilitch has represented Detroit well overall as an owner. He's made mistakes, but he hasn't been cheap and he's always cared deeply about winning - and, obviously, the bigger picture of Southeastern Michigan.
The Tigers' current struggles can't be put at Ilitch's feet. He has spent money, not only on veteran payroll, but for drafted players such as Rick Porcello.

Random Thoughts

- I see the Red Wings doing well in the first round of the playoffs against either St. Louis or Anaheim. Nashville, however, could present the Red Wings with some problems. The Predators are strong defensively and goalie Pekka Rinne is playing well. Also, the Preds are very familiar with the Red Wings.

- The biggest sign Michigan's football program is making process will be during Saturday's spring game if the Wolverines' offense isn't fumbling the football. Last season, the Wolverines dropped the ball so much it was ridiculous.



Anonymous Anonymous said...


The Wings look as if the they are ready for golf !!!!!!! Even though they "have nothing to play for" their effort is just not there.

Coach Babcock talks about playing a full 60 minutes but sure is not translating on the ice. Todays game was just another example of a team (it appears?) waiting to "TURN IT ON" for the playoffs.

Unlike last season where a vetran like Dallas Drake who was HUNGRY for a ring was I believe a driver for the team. This season just seems to be missing that "SPARK" !!!!!!!

The Wings had a very sucessful season once again and despite the CAP and rule changes Kenny Holland found a way to keep them near the top !!!

However,if goaltending and effort are to carry us through the playoffs it could be a short playoff run.

"This is just my opinion I could be wrong"


8:20 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...


The Tigers may have found the anwser early in this season for sucess.

Maybe Mr.I should put everyone on a (1) year contract like the the "SKIPPER" and let them play their way to to a renewal. Just think if Leyland was the manager of Mr.I pizza business and his team performed like they did in 2008.

Can you say bus ticket out !!!!


11:16 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I know the first couple games of the playoffs went well for the Red Wings, but your point is well taken. Dallas Drake meant a lot to that team.

5:43 PM 

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