Monday, December 15, 2008

Orlovsky's Stock Is Rising

It’s difficult to grasp exactly where Dan Orlovsky stands as Lions’ quarterback.
His first few starts, he took care of the ball well, but didn’t make a lot of plays nor throw well on the run.
Orlovsky was a different player - a better player - Sunday during the Lions’ 31-21 loss to Indianapolis. He was more accurate than he had been. More poised in the pocket. The Lions’ pass protection was better - and he took advantage of it. That is despite having virtually all the Lions’ front-line receivers down, with the exception of Calvin Johnson. Orlovsky didn’t give up on getting the ball to Johnson. He let him make plays.
The Lions are going to have to address the quarterback position this off season. It’s just a matter how. Is Heisman Trophy winner Sam Bradford coming out, and if he is, how do his skills translate to the NFL? Matthew Stafford from Georgia is a classic pro-style QB with a strong-arm. Would he be worth the first overall pick? Or should the Lions address other needs - particularly on defense - and draft a QB later in the first round or within the first three rounds. They should have five selections within the first 100 in the draft.
It does seem like Orlovsky has passed Drew Stanton and is worth keeping. But is he enough of a veteran presence to forego picking up the option on Daunte Culpepper’s contract? Has he played well enough to be the starter at the beginning of next season?
Based on what we saw Sunday, and considering the options, it appears that way.

Random Thoughts

- Is anybody expecting a bounce back season from Joel Zumaya? The 2006 season isn’t that long ago. His various ailments have been frustrating to say the least, but Zumaya is awfully young. The Tigers have to take other measures, obviously, but it is way too early to give up on Zumaya.

- I don’t see where Rasheed Wallace has necessarily slowed down. I do, however, see a team that is clearly out-of-sync surrounding him.

- Sam McGuffie leaving Michigan is a blow to the program. McGuffie did have two 100-yard plus games, he was the Wolverines’ best back at holding onto the football and he did flash considerable potential in the spread-option offense. Wonder if Michael Shaw will be more consistent next season?


Blogger Barry said...

You know Pat, I quit watching the Lions when Barry quit. I might start watching them again just to watch Calvin. They should throw the ball to Calvin not only to win games but from a PR move. Then when the D comes on, like the Tigers bullpen, just leave the room. I do like the way DD off season is going so far of defense first and I can buy that. But what I value the most is a bullpen. Tigers needs a bullpen more than any other team because of their big bats. Tigers need to shorten the game and shut the late innings down and let the bats keep hitting until the end of the game.

3:48 PM 
Blogger Fred Brill said...

Orlovsky and Cullpepper have one thing in common. Their best games this year (best being a relative term)came when they both properly used Smith and Johnson. Those two weapons when properly used make any QB look good.

I would like to see someone compile a list of all the strange plays called against the Lions this year - like this weeks ref calling the Lions recovered the 4th down fumble only to have it go the other way.

Sorry guys. Oh and sixteen is destiny this year. And I was a N'orleans 'Aints fan in 1980. It was just the same kind of strange. So please blame me for rooting for the Lions now.

Book - Zumaya is done. A one season wonder. A Mark the Bird Fidrych lifespan that threw fire for a season. Let him go. He's been a voodoo child too long. Arms like his either reinvent themselves as knuckleballers or they go sell used cars in Ypsilanti.

Now lets talk about some happy crap for a change.

PS - the Big Three will survive and be stronger - but it's gonna hurt a bit first. Sometimes things have to be taken apart and put back together again when they're broken. Detroit will be strong again.

6:14 PM 
Blogger maddog52 said...

I will be honest with you Book I like Dan O. You know that 2 point conversion sunday. where the hell was that all season. Know what I mean. Look he isn't Manning hell probably not even Kyle Orton. But he is solid. Going into next season in my mind there are much more glaring needs then QB. If we went in with Dan O., Culpepper, Stanton. I'd be satisfied. However, I'd say lets draft that left tackle from Alabama drat that center Alex Mack from Cal. Move both foul mouth Raiola and bacus to guards. My mind you update your O-line immediately. Then use the rest of the draft and free agency to bolster the Defense. Hell offensively we need to utilize our players talents more. Romo to witten, Favre to Keller, Manning to Clark, hell Ferrotte to Siancoe. When big ben is in trouble he utilizes Mewelde Moore. Bradford and Stafford are far beyond our problems. I'd pass on both of them. As I don't think we need them just yet. I think Dan O can be servicable for one more season while we fix the wholes in our ship. THen we will get the captain to sail it. Know what I mean.

As far as the Tigers. Man Saito and Biemel from the Dodgers both sitting there I would be nabbing them in a heart beat if I were dombrowski. To me the biggest question mark won't be Zumya but Bonderman. He is so key... We need to get our starters to go 6 or 7 innings. Not the 5 they have the last 2 seasons.

As far as Rasheed. ts his energy. For some reason the rest of the team feeds off it. He sulks so does Rip, TP and the otehrs. he plays with heart and emotion and there is no stopping this team. The proof is in the pudding.. just watch the tape.

11:30 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I agree about Calvin Johnson. What a terrific player on a bad team. Like it or not, the Tigers are counting young arms to come through for them. They need a closer. And I have no idea where its taking them.

5:53 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Fred Brill,
It is about the QB using his best skill-position players properly. I like what Orlovsky did last game that way. I tend to agree with you more than disagree with you about Zumaya, but he does have youth on his side. I agree with you about the auto companies. Am wondering what the hold up is on the bridge loan.

1:51 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Good point on the two-point try. They also ran some nice little option plays near the goal line. It would have been nice to see more wrinkles like that throughout the season.

1:52 PM 

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