Friday, November 28, 2008

Be Careful What You Ask For About Lions And Turkey Day

Any local sentiment for the Lions losing the Thanksgiving Day game is misguided.
As difficult as it may seem now, there is no guarantee the Lions will be awful forever. What if they were to make the right moves after this season, hire the right people and have a turnaround in a couple years - like the Tigers from 2003 to 2006? Weren’t the Tigers in just as precarious a position then when it came to the future?
How would there be any benefit to losing the Thanksgiving Day game then? Or if the Lions remain perpetually stuck in the mud?
There is also the psychological factor involved. We don’t need to lose things around here. We need to gain them.

Random Thoughts

- Can there be a worse symbol for the Pistons than Allen Iverson missing practice? Wasn’t that the last thing expected after the trade? Doesn’t he need as much practice time as possible to blend in with his new teammates? There are no excuses for him missing Thursday’s practice and it doesn’t represent a promising sign for the Pistons. There is no sugar-coating it.

- Rudy Darrow might be the most intriguing of the Tigers’ relief pitching prospects. He has a terrific sinking fastball with 90-plus velocity and misses a lot of bats. It was a good sign he held his own at Double-A Erie late last season and during the Arizona Fall League. Consistent command is his issue. He needs a quality second pitch, too. But the promise is definitely there.


Blogger Barry said...

Well Pat, you did not leave no room for error when you describe Darrow. He still a year away and to be a full time MLB he needs control and better second pitch. Tigers are going to be in good position in 2010 and should be terrfic in 2011.

10:57 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

About the Lions for next year.
The Lions have a good # of picks for next year. How about offering Philly 2 picks (not a #1) for D. McNabb. McNabb has a couple of solid years left at a high level. He would be playing in a dome with state-of-the-art facilities. Then take your #1 pick and draft the best offensive lineman available period. With the next pick, draft the best defensive lineman. You would have McNabb, Calvin Johnson and a new statement about controlling the line of scrimmage for a start. Culpepper, if he stays, would be a great backup and would be able to practice and get healthy and in game shape (think of how much better Leftwich looks for the Steelers this year, now that his body has healed) It would give the Lions stability at the key spot on the field.


3:10 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I don't know about this one. Sometimes middle relievers like Darrow move up quickly. Other times, they never get there. It's a fickle thing, but it is the nature of pitching - especially middle men. All I know, he has a chance.

10:08 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I think the Lions need to draft a QB early in the draft and concentrate on defense. Seems like they have a couple decent parts in Kevin Smith and Calvin Johnson.

10:10 PM 

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