Monday, November 24, 2008

Wilson Perfect Fit For Tigers Shortstop, But...

For the longest time, I’ve looked at Pittsburgh Pirates shortstop Jack Wilson and figured him to be the ideal fit for the Tigers. He is solid defensively and still has above average range. He’s a pretty good hitter. Wilson had some injury issues last season and missed a lot of games, but there is no reason to believe they will linger. He is not cheap, but not necessarily overpriced. A lot of issues would be solved for the Tigers if they were to acquire Wilson. The question is the cost to trade for him. The Pirates would take Tigers shortstop prospect Cale Iorg in a heartbeat, but he has a chance to be an exceptional player given his tools. That isn’t going to work. The idea is to find a bridge to Iorg. The Tigers have shortstop depth in the minors, but not top of the line other than Iorg. It was also be unwise, considering the gaps in their bullpen, for the Tigers to part with pitching depth.

Another thing: Having seen Wilson play a lot down through the years, it’s never been a question about him being a good player. It’s more like has he been beaten down by playing with such a losing franchise for so long, will he be able to perform under the spotlight with a contender?

Random Thoughts

- It wasn’t good for the Lions the Titans lost Sunday. They will come into Ford Field Thursday anything but overconfident.

- I know I’m in the minority about this, but I am not sure if getting Antonio McDyess back will benefit the Pistons that much. They needed to change the tempo at which they play offensively more than anything else. Seems like McDyess - who is understandably popular with fans - would put them back in their old sets.


Blogger Barry said...

Hey Pat, are the Pirates interested in any of our surplus outfielders because their is certainly a logjam especially with Guillen playing LF. I could see Inge playing 3B after the Tigers fall out of contention. That is also gives Ryan half a season at AAA and Skelton a season at AA and AAA if they do not lose him. I am hoping the rumors are true that there is enough catching depth in MLB for a rebuilding team not be interested in the left handed hitting catcher, that hits for average, super eye at the plate, quick feet and good arm and good receiver. If the Tigers thought he was too small to play catcher then why did they draft him in the first place?
I hope your right with Iorg but his batting avg in A Ball was low to be a star and he made a lot of errors. Once an infielder learns how to field a groundball they never forget, like riding a bicycle. I did notice his speed and some pop in his bat. Can't wait to see how he does plus others playing at a higher level. I wonder how Holliman would look at 3B at AAA? He is a switch hitter, has speed, some power and should have infielder hands.

1:54 PM 
Blogger Fred Brill said...


I must say I got a kick out the sentence "...will he be able to perform under the spotlight with a contender?"

That's why I like you Book. You still see the Tigers as a contender. Not many are going to view the Tigers of 2009 - after the collapse of 2008 - as a contender - at least not until that title is again earned - and I think we have a good shot at doing so.

PS - did you catch any of the CBC coverage of the raising of the numbers for Roy and Clark in Montreal and Toronto? This was an example of a nation standing still and respecting the great Patrick Roy and the not-so-great-but deeply-loved Wendel Clark in the same level of respect. Coast-to-coast. All five time zones.

Let me put it this way - little old ladies like my Aunt Sheila or my Grandma all accross Canada stopped their tasks in the kitchen and came into the living room while still drying a dish - to share the moment.

"Isn't that nice for Patrick/Wendel ..." they would say as they watched the player hold back tears on the screen.

Hockey is more than a sport over here. And the CBC knows it. The CBC makes sure it stays that way.

That being said .. Go Wings!

5:21 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Maybe a younger one like Joyce or Thomas. Particularly Joyce has some intiguing qualities that might interest scouts, and I do wonder if the Tigers are that emamored with him. Also, what are they going to do with Larish. He has been playing third in Arizona, but is a first baseman. Cabrera has that locked up forever.

2:41 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Fred Brill,
I thought about that when I wrote it - some people might not agree. I do believe the Tigers will be in the race this year. It was a perfect storm of subpar seasons by too many players to repeat itself. Yes, I did, and was moved by it. Those things mean so much in Canada and being in a border state like this all my life, I have come to truly appreciate HINC. I have saved a couple old games from the 1960s on DVR from the NHL network (a '65 playoff game between the Red Wings and Blackhawks is a classic) and watch them often. Great stuff. Now if they can just get the real HNIC theme back. I miss it.

2:45 PM 
Blogger Fred Brill said...

The HNIC theme was written by a now little-old-lady in British Columbia named Dolores Claman.

It's the most popular ring-tone on Canadian cell phones.

The CBC (a Crown corporation paid by taxpayer dollars) felt the song was dated - and underestimated it's status as Canada's second National Anthem. So they dropped it.

So Old-Lady-Claman sold the rights to play the song to another network (CTV) and it will now only be played on our Canadian version of ESPN - TSN (The Sports Network) televises games.

In short - I think you have to cross the river to watch TSN to hear it. Or steal a Canuk's cell phone.

Your new site layout looks great!

6:06 PM 
Blogger Barry said...

Pat, sound like trade bait potential. Larish becoming a 3B is a shot in the dark. How is Larish range anyway? Maybe DD will get active, which I think he will, and make a trade of prospects or get lucky and trade Gary or Inge. With DD, it sound like he open to almost anything.

10:23 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Fred Brill,
Yeah, I was aware of the situation. The "Saturday Is All Right For Fighting" theme followed by the bag pipes thing just isn't working.

1:30 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Based on the little I saw Larish play third last season what I am hearing from scouts, he is considerably below average as a third baseman.

1:32 PM 

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