Monday, November 17, 2008

If The Lions Win, Is It Good News Or Bad News?

The oldest shtick in town is hammering Rod Marinelli with questions week after week after games or during those ridiculous news conferences.
The only thing worse than the questions are the answers. Where it was serious business before, it has become a comedy act by now.
It was obvious long ago that Marinelli should be out. The Lions have lost 17 of their last 18 games and are 10-32 overall with Marinelli as head coach. Not exactly where he should be during the third year of his program.
The Lions could have made a change at head coach earlier in the season - and it might have benefitted them. They didn’t. So they - and Lions fans - are stuck with Marinelli. That ship has already sailed. It’s whether he is going to be fired after the season that is the real issue.
Seems likely, but, remember, with William Clay Ford, nothing is certain. It would be wise for the Lions to bring in a new general manager and different coach to work in tandem rather than just anointing some football czar like they did with Matt Millen and others (Bobby Ross, Monte Clark, Russ Thomas) in the past. I’m not sure they have it in them.
Martin Mayhew has certainly tried some good things as interim general manager (the Roy Williams trade for draft picks, the signing of Daunte Culpepper), but his task was daunting. This is a team that can’t even win a game, and Mayhew is tied tightly to Millen and the Lions’ haunting past.
I still believe the Lions will win a game, maybe two. They were 0-12 in 2001 - and won twice.
The danger in that is it might get Ford to think they are heading in the right direction, and actually retain the not-so-dynamic duo of Marinelli and Mayhew.
Wouldn’t that be an unbelievable - and most undesirable - outcome?

Random Thoughts

- The loss to Phoenix aside Sunday night, the Pistons blended remarkably well with Allen Iverson during their West Coast trip. Their victory over the Lakers was particularly impressive. Now if they can just get Richard Hamilton going. That part of the equation is still, obviously, a work in progress.

- Kevin Smith is a keeper for the Lions. Seems like the tougher the game, the harder he runs. I can see him as a 1,000-yard rusher in the future. With six games left, it’s not out of the realm of possibility he will push toward that level this season.

- Of course, a $140 million, six-year contract offer by the Yankees to C.C. Sabathia is ridiculous. But the Yankees must make a splash in the free agent market after not making the postseason and opening an extraordinarily expensive new stadium. At least they are offering it to the best free agent. Just wonder how Sabathia, a West Coast guy, who has pitched in the Midwest in Cleveland and Milwaukee, will handle the intensity scrutiny of New York media.


Blogger Fred Brill said...


Yesterday's game wasn't the train wreck that the last recent games have been. And now seeing Culpepper for the first time - I think he did really good for a guy only 10 days out of retirement. He is only going to get better. And that offense seems to like him. He's a leader. Miller and Johnson are a couple of nice weapons to choose from.

And Mayhew deserves a good pat on the back.

Now Mayhew needs to see how pathetically bad that defense is. And he needs to see how rediculous Marinelli is.

I bet he already sees it - but you can only change things so fast.

An interesting game yesterday. I thought we might win that one by a last minute 53 yard FG.

But no. There is nothing good about oh-and-sixteen - Marinelli and his extended family of coaches - will be fired at the end of this season - and I hope Mayhew gets a chance to continue what he has started.

He has to show more of that to the Fords. And he has to pray he is not guilty by his association to Millen.

And before yesterday I was pulling for Oh-and-sixteen.

But now I think a clean sweep might toss out the baby with the bathwater - Culpepper and Mayhew both being the baby.

12:54 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really hope the Lions do win three or four games, and get out of the number one draft pick.

Letting the Lions draft number one is akin to letting a three year old play with a loaded handgun. Nothing good will happen.


4:54 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Fred Brill,
I think Culpepper is a worthy addition, but is he more than a quality backup these days. That is what Pittsburgh wanted him for. Mayhew has done some things, but was put into a difficult position trying to capture the job. Agree about his effort.

10:02 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

There is no real benefit to having the No. 1 overall pick this season. Just more money and harder to sign. Don't see a sure-thing first overall pick.

10:03 PM 
Blogger maddog52 said...

Book long time to talk. Really lost for words in this interesting fall season. I mean my beloved Wolverines went further south then I thought. I do think they will bounce back, I mean no mistaken the Freshman QB's have been nothing short of brutal. ANd was suppose to be the strength (Defense) has stunk like no other. So I do think Rich Rod needs to make an adjustment there at D-Cord.

Speaking on the lions. U never know what to expect from this team. Come on book look at marinelli when he talks to you lol.. They are working hard in practice... they are improving. they are making adjustments. As marinelli says in his presser. we don't see it but it's there. lol.. you know I would much rather him come out and say what can I say. "We stunk.. THis was the hand I am dealt and I am workign to make the most of it." Instead of talking like we are a bunch of illeterate football fans... who never watched the game before in our lives. We can talk about it until we are blue in the face, but until there is change from the top on down we are stuck. If Marinelli is back then I feel Mayhew has to. But if we are going to fire marinelli then I think Mayhew has to get the axe as well. Inlcuding the scouts for this team. Then let who ever the GM is make his hire. Know what I mean. We need to start from the ground up with this team. That being said personally I see some plus sides going into this off season. 1 the only Offensive player I'd pick in the draft is guards. UNless they took Andrew Smith from Alabama and move bacus to guard. I think Smith, Bacus, Raiola, (Drafted Guard), Cherilus could be the makings of something going forward. If they don't go that route I think they should go all Defense and work on one side of the ball. These are the names i'd target in the first two rounds if I could... Malcom Jenkins, James Laurinitis,REY MAUALUGA, and Brian Orakpo.

Book on the Tigers real quick what is the scoop. Do you not see any significant change from this team. We already traded away some good prospects. Lugo for Robertson or Willis I don't see the upgrade. A guy I think would be sweet for this team inside Comerica is Furcal. 1 he could hit leadoff. Then you could put Granderson in the 3 slot a head of Miguel and Ordonez. I'd give him a 2 year deal until the kid in the minors is ready. Also any pitchers other then the old washed up farts like Hoffman out there that we are looking at that you are hearing of. Why not make a move for a guy like Salomon Torres? Brandon Lyon wouldn't be bad for cheap. What about the starting I thought we were going to target Lowe? Any word on that? Just curious!!

1:33 PM 
Anonymous Marty said...


One thing that has bewildered me is just how bad Michael Gaines is as a reciever. Since the beginning of the year, he has dropped probably 90% of the balls thrown his way: either as incompletions, fumbles, or sometimes down by contact - but the ball still comes out. I can't understand why he still holds the ball like a loaf of bread in weak 10. You would have thought he would have learned to secure it better by now! It is embarrassing seeing him try to run with the ball.

(Sorry for being off topic, but I felt the need to get that off my chest for some reason.)


1:37 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Good to hear from you again. I think the Lions need to concentrate on defense first in the draft. They need to develop a defense first. I don't think the Tigers will make that much of a splash this off season. Just a lot of smaller moves that will trickle in.

9:06 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

They were hoping Dan Campbell would be ready for this season, but he got hurt. They got Gaines, who is huge, as a blocker. Actually, he does catch the ball OK, but can't hold onto it after he catches it. Those fumbles were untimely to say the least.

9:09 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe a win is neither a good or bad thing.....apathy runs rampant in this town. the less we hype or pay attention to the Lions the better chance we may have for a total redefination of this pathetic team.
The less print given to this team the greater the message sent to the Ford Family.

1:33 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

A lot of people in this town agree with you. I just don't see where 0-16 helps in anyway. A win isn't going to change the perceptions you discuss.

1:41 PM 
Blogger shock said...

Pat, I have read your columns for a number of years, (very cool reading). So my posting is that MSU & UM got what most figured anyway (even though a win from either would've been good). I believe the Lions will win 26-24 today (hint,hint)just because we can't see it on the tube

5:49 AM 

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