Friday, October 17, 2008

This Lions Draft No Better, Really, Than Those Of The Past

The Lions failures in the NFL draft continue to stick out like a sore thumb.
The latest came this week with this year’s first-round draft choice Gosder Cherilus, a right offensive tackle, being benched in favor of false start penalty specialist George Foster.
The move is particularly telling because it comes the week of the Lions’ game against the Houston Texans. The Lions took Cherilus 17th overall, nine picks ahead of Duane Brown, who has started every game at left tackle - a more difficult and important position - for the Texans. Brown has keyed a Houston running game that has been better-than-expected with rookie Steve Slaton doing most of the ball carrying. He was taken in the third round of this year’s draft after Lions rookie running back Kevin Smith, who has been underwhelming. Slaton has more yards, a better yards per carry average and more touchdowns than Smith. Houston is 20th in the NFL in rushing yardage, the Lions 31st - or next to last.
Throw this in with what Sam Baker has done starting at left tackle for surging Atlanta (he was selected four picks after Cherilus), and that Lions second-rounder Jordon Dizon has contributed little at linebacker, and the recipe for another disastrous draft is starting to cook. There just hasn’t been a lot there in the later rounds, either. It’s amazing, really, this is happening again.
Matt Millen has to go down as the worst general manager in NFL history. And Rod Marinelli’s hands are all over this draft.

Random Thoughts

- The Red Sox are amazing. Their comebacks in the postseason sure it more interesting, but beating the Rays two straight on the road won’t be easy. It was about time David Ortiz woke up.

- To be honest, I don’t have a real good read on the MSU-Ohio State game Saturday. Can see where it could go either way. Ohio State has more and better athletes, but MSU has developed a certain collective character this season. I figure it will at least be close. Spartans everywhere need to remember, winning this game isn’t nearly as important as the Michigan game. Don’t care about the standings. If MSU loses to Michigan under these circumstances, everything the Spartans did before will consider null and void..


Anonymous dave in windsor said...

Pat.. an quick comment/question unrelated to your post today ( I agree that this year's draft looks like a bust) ..

Steve Yzerman has been named Executive Director of Canada's hockey team for the 2010 Olympics according to Tsn ( Clearly, his skill as a GM is being noticed around the league and in international hockey circles. Do you foresee him leaving the red wings at some point to become a GM somewhere else? Or do you think Ilitch will figure out a way to keep in in the organization? Also - any thoughts on Team Canada coaching candidates? Some are saying Wayne Gretzky may have pulled his name out of the executive director role so that he would be available to coach the team? .(and finally earn an Olympic medal after the disaster in Nagano). I know how much you love hockey so I figure you might have some thoughts..
Keep up the good work!

1:21 PM 

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