Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Do You Believe In Miracles? Lions Make A Great Trade

It wasn't a good deal. It was a great deal.
More than anything else, the Lions need to gather as many picks as possible, and build through the draft.
Getting first-, third- and sixth-round draft choices for wide receiver Roy Williams was steal in that regard.
Williams was eligible for free agency after this season. It wasn't worth putting the franchise tag on him to retain his services. A third-round draft choice alone for him would have been worth it under the circumstances. A first and sixth, too? Are you kidding me?
But don't underestimate Williams' ability. Or his motivation. He is from Odessa, Texas. Went to the same high school "Friday Night Lights" was based upon. He starred at the University of Texas. Playing for the Cowboys completes his circle. Williams is a very good player, who was beaten down by the constant downer environment that is the Lions. He could take off.
The Lions were fortunate in that this smacks of desperation by the Cowboys. Such robbery never would have been possible if the Cowboys hadn't lost their last two games, QB Tony Romo wasn't hurt or Pac Man Jones didn't get suspended by the NFL this week.
Williams is Jerry Jones'version of throwing $700 billion into the faltering economy. The Cowboys market rebounded quickly.
While it makes going 0-16 more a possbility for the Lions, and it would be utterly embarrassing, so be it. Doesn't matter. It doesn't matter, either, if the Cowboys go on to win the Super Bowl and Williams is the MVP.
The Lions needed to hit rock bottom and move forward with something that provides hope for their future and their long-suffering fan base.
This was a better-than-expected start.

Random Thoughts

- Obviously, this trade improves Martin Mayhew's chances of becoming the Lions general manager. He has been with the team for awhile and has good qualfications for the position on his resume, but he does have a reputation for hypersensitivity, a massive ego and lacking people skills. It's one thing to make tough decisions after weighing issues. It's another to never listen. That was one of Millen's big problems - he knew everything, was a poor listener and never got a feel for this area. Those would be the same concerns with Mayhew - although it does seem like he has learned some things as time has gone on.

- Getting pounded like they did Tuesday at Fenway Park has to be devastating for the Red Sox. If there has been a game, more than any other, that proves the Rays are for real, that was it.
And don't let anybody fool you - the Red Sox badly miss Manny Ramirez this postseason. His departure likely cost the BoSox another World Series run.

- I think overall, Jon Kitna's legacy in Detroit will be a good one. He was a solid leader. He did display toughness and grit. It just he wasn't that good, and he was placed in an impossible situation with the Lions. It didn't end well for him - the bad body language and all on the field. But for the most part, he will be fondly remembered, if for no other reason than he displayed more competitive spirit than Lions' QBs of the past such as Scott Mitchell and Joey Harrington.


Blogger D_Fenner said...

Getting another 1st round pick is a big deal for the Lions future. Now they won't have to answer the age old draft dilemma of whether to draft based on need or best player available. They can use their Top 3 pick on the most talented non-Wide Receiver (haha), and use the other 1st round pick on a position of need (which is basically every position sadly enough).

Great trade by the Lions. And may I say great job by future Lions GM Martin Mayhew? Completeting this trade allows him interview for the job with an actual chance of landing it. It's a longshot, but so too was the notion that Millen would be a success.

- Dan Fenner

8:09 PM 
Blogger Fred Brill said...

I haven't heard anybody speak to the most scariest aspect of three Lions draft picks that to me plays out as crystal clear as the Tigers not succeeding without a bullpen.

No scouting talent.

I realize I am not on the inner circle of conversation - but I have listened to entire shows by you and your radio co-horts about how the Lions' scouting staff is as poor as the squad they built.

The draft picks in recent history haven't panned out - under Millen's watch. But who was giving Millen his list of players to choose from?

I gotta believe those scouts were being led down some false rivers - likely by the other league scouts.

What is it that makes us think this same bunch of scouts can detect the best talent in this draft next spring?

Otherwise - I'm blown away by such a great trade. I hope Dombrowski was paying attention.

9:34 PM 
Blogger Dan said...

Well said Mr. Fenner. I'm not sure if Mayhew id going to be the next GM, but he played this on trade like he had a clue. Which bt=y the way is more than you can say about the last seven years under Millen.


11:15 PM 
Blogger Fred Brill said...

As far as Mayhew's trade manuevre goes, thanks for the great effort.

But to be the Lions' GM - the next long term relationship - we need more.

I have come to learn that when entering a long term relationship - you don't wed yourself to the first girl that pleases you with her "generous actions".

Maybe Ford could just buy Mayhew some jewelry.

9:47 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

d fenner,
They need to draft the best player available regardless of the situation. And they will need to draft a wide receiver early in this next draft, although it wouldn't be wise with the first rounder. They don't have holes. The Lions roster is one big hole. They need to fill spots everywhere.

10:33 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Fred Brill,
I know their scouts. They aren't as bad as you might think. Football isn't like baseball or hockey. All the top brass sees all the talent - at the senior bowl and the combine. There aren't diamonds in the rough people don't know about. Those decisions are on Millen, although they do need an influx from other organizations about how they do things.

10:35 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Fred Brill,
Who knows how Ford reacts to this type of thing. It might mean little to him or a lot. He does thinks on a whim.

10:36 AM 
Blogger William said...

Not being a young fellow I tend to be sceptical about any moves made by the Lions. Bill Ford has only shown me that to him the team is a status symbol and nothing more. Real change will not come as long as the ownership remains as is. To effect this the Fans should consider just staying home, this might help deflate Sr's ego and encourage him to relinquish his control over this sham of a football team. But it'll never happen so I continue to not buy tickets, change the channel, and wonder why people still go to Ford Field on Sundays?

1:08 PM 
Anonymous Vic B. said...

Like Drew Sharp stated in his column a while back, "Jon Kitna, gives up as much as he takes". Personally, I don't think Kitna was any better than a back-up NFL QB. And a B-Grade one at that.

Makes ya kinda wonder why the Bengals thought there was some out there better.

PS...Matin M. I think, deserves a chance for '09. If we can get past the whole guilt by association thing.

2:50 PM 
Anonymous Vic B. said...

The way next April's draft for the Lions will shake down is as follows #'s 3,27,35,67,91.

Sports fans, that's 5 of the first 100 players taken. There has to be some talent there. I think their gonna give Mayhew the ball on this draft. We'll see what the next M & M is made of. (Hopefully he doesn't "fumble")!

We sure as h... don't have a defense that can stop anyone...maybe not even a high-school team. Whoops, I just gave away our secret on who three of those five picks are going to be.

3:13 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

There is no question Ford's ownership involves as much his ego as a desire to win. But he has made a lot on his $4.5 million investment in 1964, so the Lions have been good to him business-wise.

11:05 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

vic b,
Yeah. The trade, if the draft choices are used wisely, could jumpstart a bright future of the Lions. But that's a big if.

11:06 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you are right about Kitna and his passion for the game before he fell out of favor and how he will be remembered in Detroit. Can't remember a lion's QB since Hipple that had that same kinda passion. He took a lot of heat after the first game tirade on the sidelines, but to me, that said he had heart and cares enough to want to win. Unfortunately for the Lions, no one I saw that game or since has done that on the defensive side of the ball-- where that same passion/tirade needs to be.

2:42 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I think Kitna was a solid leader and did show some grit. He threw for a lot of yards. He also threw a lot of interceptions and didn't win many games.

9:55 AM 

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