Monday, October 06, 2008

Who Knows What Ford Is Thinking About Rod

It’s strange how it works in William Clay Ford’s world. He just lets his football team wallow at low points until he essentially doesn’t really have to step in. The decisions make themselves for him.
Matt Millen was only fired after William Clay Ford Jr. came out and said what the rest of the world knew forever.
Now it’s head coach Rod Marinelli. The team he is putting on the field is woefully unprepared to win National Football League games.
If the Lions remain on this course, they could be a winless football team this season. At some point, Ford won’t have to really step in. It’ll just kind of happen - like when Millen was dismissed.
I just wonder when. The sooner the better because the Lions must start playing their younger players, in particular quarterback Drew Stanton. They would give the Lions a better chance of winning a game or two, if for no other reason than the energy is clearly missing at this stage from their veteran players, particularly QB Jon Kitna and wide receiver Roy Williams. Both should be on the borderline of getting benched given their body language on the field alone.

Random Thoughts

- I see the White Sox coming back and ousting the Rays. Winning that clinching game can be very difficult for a young team.

- Michigan State’s last two wins were encouraging. The Spartans aren’t overwhelming teams, but doing what is necessary to win. They deserve their spot in the rankings. Northwestern will present a tough test, though.

- Michigan can’t lose to Toledo, right? The Wolverines aren’t that bad, are they? They were against Illinois, that’s for sure.


Anonymous Chris Baker said...

Hi Book, this is Chris, I loved your blog today, I agree with you about the Lions, but Why didn't you blog about the Detroit Shock? They have won a title in three of the last five years. They should get media attention since they are dynasty? What is your opinion about the Shock?

11:58 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stanton will get buried if you put him in now. Coming off a year layoff, and now fresh from another injury, having never played in this league when real bullets are flying is a recipe for failure.

There may not be a choice though which is sad. I just see another young kid getting shattered. He can't draw anything from one pre-season to prepare him for an NFL full speed defense behind this sad-sack offensive line.


4:40 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Chris Baker,
I think that's a fair point. Seems like the Shock have become a victim of their success. It was a big deal when they won their first title, maybe not as much now. Not sure that is fair to the team. They have been terrific.

5:41 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I don't agree. Look at what Trent Edwards has done for the Bills. He was taken nearly 50 picks after Stanton in the same draft. QBs come on much quicker these days.

5:42 PM 
Anonymous Bryan152 said...

Michigan State, as a program, is finally learning what Michigan and Ohio State have known for the past decade -- how to win ball games. Had it been last year, the Spartans would have lost that game to Iowa.

The obvious question from here on out is Hoyer's ability. An interesting thing about Hoyer is his poor performances at home, yet somewhat steady play on the road. Sitting in the student section, I would hear "We Want Cousins" chants every time Hoyer made a bad pass. I don't know if he can hear the boos but I have to think that he's feeling some pressure in Spartan Stadium. This dynamic bodes well for the Northwestern game but certainly not against the Buckeyes in two weeks.

Michigan State has not proven that they can stop the run consistently and if healthy, Beanie Wells should continue that trend. Pile on Terelle Pryor's ability to run and the Spartans have a monumental task at hand in two weeks.

7:54 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

It appears that way, but MSU isn't out of the woods yet. Northwestern on the road looms. And if they win that game, there will be a huge buildup for the OSU and Michigan games. But so far, so good. Dantonio has done a terrific job.

8:44 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Rays were superior to those Fraudsox Pat. You should have known that. Chicago's pitching the last two months has been awful. Loved your comments on Fox 2 last night in regards to Domfraudski not going after Dotel and Linebrink. At least someone said it.

10:24 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Ah, don't think that will go down as one of the greatest baseball predictions of all time. I think Dombrowski is an excellent general manager. He had a bad year, though. One of his mistakes was passing on Dotel and Linebrink.

11:26 PM 

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