Friday, October 10, 2008

Lions Need To Find Out What Orlovsky Can Do, As Well

It seems obvious to me that if the Lions have anybody on their roster, who might represent the answer at quarterback in the future, it is Drew Stanton.
I don’t think that makes me the Lone Ranger in that regard. Seems like everybody in this town feels the same way. They just can’t wait to see what Stanton can do when the bullets are real.
Dan Orlovsky, however, will likely get the first crack at it, and it could come as soon as Sunday when the Lions play the Vikings on the road. Jon Kitna’s playing status is iffy because of a back injury.
I do question sometimes if we’re giving Orlovsky a fair shot. He has been with the team for a number of years, and never really been given a real chance to display his capabilities.
Certainly, he has been thrust into difficult circumstances this season. While he hasn’t been impressive, how can it be much of a gauge? During the preseason, Orlovsky has played both well and not-so-well. Stanton definitely has presented more flash.
Perhaps it would be a good thing to let Orlovsky prepare for a week or two as starter - and then start him. What do the Lions have to lose? They certainly have enough season remaining to find out what both Orlovsky and Stanton can do.
I just wonder if Rod Marinelli would ever consider that given his apparent dependence on Jon Kitna.

Random Thoughts

- Defensive coordinator Joe Barry’s contention the Lions just overlooked cornerback Brian Kelly, and that is why he dressed, but didn’t play last Sunday vs. Chicago, is laughable. How can the Lions dress a player and afford not use him on special teams? That is especially so since their depth has been diminished by having so many healthy defensive linemen on the inactive list each week. That just cripples their special team units, and was a particular oversight considering the threat the Bears Devin Hester presents. Seriously, they were fortunate that game was just 34-7.

- It was strange watching the Red Wings play such undisciplined hockey Thursday night against the Maple Leafs. Doubt we’ll see more of the same Saturday night in Ottawa.

- It is a trap game, but I have a feeling Michigan State will control the clock with its running game against Northwestern. The Spartans' offensive line is much better than had been anticipated.


Blogger Larry said...

Book, I can't really disagree with you on Orlovsky, but it is certainly a sad state of affairs when we imagine that the "Lions Need" to play an uninspiring back-up QB who will probably not be with the team next year. At mid-season, no less. Good grief.

1:23 PM 
Blogger Fred Brill said...

I can only speak about the QB situation as a now-disinterested fan. 'Dandy Dan' isn't going to re-spark my interest. But the game Stanton starts - I will set time aside to make sure I watch. It won't simply be playing in the garage so I can check the score while I putz around with car and yard work.

And if I were the Lions head office, getting the fans excited would be the prime-directive.

11:14 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

That is true. The problem with playing Orlovsky is he inspires no excitement whatsoever.

12:55 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Fred Brill,
I hear you. My point is only that it might not be a bad idea to find out for sure about Orlovsky. Give him a fair shot before deciding.

12:56 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Time for you to step up AGAIn and put these "Old Blue Media members" in their place today and let er rip. Michigan has as many wins as Eastern! Don't let them off the hook like John Mccain Beckmann and Karsch and Wojo will do.

5:44 PM 
Anonymous phil carmack said...

I would like to have you consider pushing to have the Red Wings consider retiring Homers number at the end of his career. We all know what he has done in the past but few have been comparing and contrasting him to Phil Esposito.

It is my opinion he is the dominate player for offensive power plays since his career started and just seems to be getting better. The Red Wings have won 4 cups with him and it seems to me that this discussion should be started with you.

8:51 PM 

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