Friday, October 31, 2008

Listen To Colletto About Stanton - And Believe The Opposite

At 0-7 and perhaps headed for the first 0-16 season in NFL history, the Lions still somehow find ways to make things worse.
This week began with a dance with veteran quarterback Daunte Culpepper. Some people - I’m among them - kind of liked the notion of the Lions signing Culpepper. As long as it wasn’t for crazy money and an absolute guarantee he’d be starting. The Lions need depth and a veteran presence at QB. I actually thought the Lions were starting to think properly.
Then offensive coordinator Jim Colletto made his comments Thursday about Drew Stanton and not letting him embarrass himself to prove a point. It means that coaching staff is still running the ship and that Lions have made no organizational plans for the future.
Colletto has an awful track record as a coordinator and head coach, dating back to his days with Purdue. He is hardly known for developing quarterbacks. He shouldn’t be making those decisions or statements publicly about Stanton. Those statements by Colletto only further convince me that Stanton can play. I sure don’t trust Colletto’s or head coach Rod Marinelli’s evaluation skills.
There are nine games remaining in the season, The Lions not only seem bent on losing them, but not getting the benefit for the future. It’s a double-whammy the organization obviously can’t afford.

Random Thoughts

- Sometimes I don’t think the Pistons are given enough credit for how much of a championship contender they really are because Rodney Stuckey isn’t factored in enough. That was a brilliant coast-to-coast move he made to end the third quarter during Wednesday’s opener against the Pacers. Not many players in the world are capable of doing it.

- As good as Ryan Howard and Jimmy Rollins are, is there a more valuable player on the Phillies than Chase Utley?

- I know the Red Wings were probably drained because it was the back end of two games in a row, but the Sharks are for real. They will give the Wings their toughest test in the playoffs. That was no fluke Thursday.


Blogger Eric Chase said...

Pat - After spending the better part of the last 10 years in, and around Detroit, and almost becoming numb to championships (thanks Wings and Pistons!), seeing a parade in Philly an unimagineable experience.

Thanks for the Utley shout out!

1:39 PM 
Blogger Fred Brill said...

The comments about Stanton by Colletto were not acceptable.
They did nothing but put forward the thought that Stanton is not capable.
Damaging to Stantons growth? Absolutely.
Damaging to the credibility of the headless Lions management? Absolutely.
A poor show and lack of professionalism by Colletto. Without a doubt.

The future vision of Stanton performing strongly at QB? Priceless.

With regard to your WS comments and Utley - I agree. I was also huegely impressed by Tampa Bay's Upton. Upton looked to me to be the vision of what Granderson almost is and will surpass shortly.

When's opening day?

2:23 PM 
Blogger Fred Brill said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

2:24 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I try to imagine myself as Colletto. If I were the man in charge of the offense of an 0-7 team unable to move the ball, why would I number one even comment to the press, much less author a negative public opinion about the progress or current ability of my untested backup QB? What possible good can this achieve for my team?

Is the man so vain that this is his way of feeling important, or more in the know as everyone else? What an embarrasing mess this assembly of clowns is.


4:29 PM 
Anonymous Tom Mohan said...

The coaches should listen to the fans at this point. Our season is shot and we need some entertainment. By mixing up the starters it creates some interest in the team - and that is critical right now. It will not hurt and could only help long term development to test the talent of players like Stanton. I would buy a ticket if they start him, so would others. What are they thinking?

9:45 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

eric chase,
Detroit sure is fortunate when it comes to sports and Utley is a truly great player.

1:01 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Fred Brill,
At least Stanton stood up to those comments Friday. Shows he may have the swagger necessary to be a pretty good QB. Upton is better than I thought he was going to be. Seemed like it took him a long time to get his act together. No question he was impressive during the postseason. Obviously, I agree about opening day.

1:03 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I agree. Colletto's comments said a lot more about him than they did about Stanton.

1:05 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

tom mohan,
I guess the point everybody seems to be making about Stanton and playing younger players is how can they do any worse?

1:06 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

tom mohan,
I guess the point everybody seems to be making about Stanton and playing younger players is how can they do any worse?

1:06 PM 

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