Friday, June 27, 2008

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained For Pistons

And so the answer was Walter Sharpe. Or, in the words of Pistons fans throughout Southeast Michigan Thursday night, "Walter Who?"
But for all his problems, the Pistons’ first pick in the NBA Draft obviously has talent. Otherwise, the Pistons would not have selected him in that spot. In that way, it makes sense.
This draft was remarkably thin. The Pistons weren’t likely going to get a serviceable player at 29th overall. D.J. White sure isn’t the answer to any of their needs. So Joe Dumars did the next best thing: He went for a player with a troubled past, but with a higher ceiling given his talent - at least based on the Pistons scouting. Seems like he did his homework on Sharpe. And it does pay off sometimes to think outside the box. In that sense, I thought it was a good - and certainly interesting - pick. It was good to get an extra pick because of the deal with Seattle.
I still think the Pistons would have been better off, though, drafting Chris Douglas-Roberts. Time will tell.

Random Thoughts

- Gary Sheffield has been terrific since returning from the disabled list. But the key has been starting pitching. The Tigers are in every game. Now if they could just get Miguel Cabrera on a hot streak. Have a feeling that is coming sooner instead of later.

- As good as the Tigers have been lately, the Twins have been better. They seem to be emerging as the team to beat in the A.L. Central. And I don’t understand how with that pieced-together roster.

- The Tigers can’t afford to let their guard down against the Rockies. A sweep this weekend is in order. It would put them above .500 and keep pressuring the White Sox and Twins.


Blogger Fred Brill said...


I have the feeling that neither the White Sox nor Twins are going to stay hot for a prolonged period. However I think our boys are just getting warmed up and remembering (and relishing) what it feels like to win again.

I think the urgency level has to be kept up. The first week after the all star break will be the litmus test – and that is a critical week. I hope the boys recognize this. I am sure they do. They are “professionals”. And they still feel like the winners they are. That’s what has to be perpetuated in the dugout and locker room.

Cabrera getting hot?

It would be nice to see. I don’t think Tiger fans have experienced it yet, and we may not miss what we haven’t seen yet. I wouldn’t mind if he waited until August or September though – because by then we may need a new star to carry the team on his back.

In closing – for the sake of attaining the even mark before we next blog:

“Sheffield’s a bum”.

2:00 PM 
Blogger Barry said...

The Twins seem to be doing something right year in and out. They seem to draft really well and a reputation of playing good fundamentals. I would take fundamentals over anything. I wonder if they believe in signing your star players until the cash runs out and fill in the rest with young guys. Sometimes the young guys do good. Look at our own Travis Fryman with his 254 batting avg in the minors, not a natural ss, just above average speed at best and average power. Did that translate or actually spell stardom?. Maggs spend 7 season in the minors holding a 269 avg during that time and had average power. He went on to become a batting champ. Tigers need to really evaluate their talent.

3:13 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Fred Brill,
We'll see how it goes in July when A.L. Central teams start playing each other. This whole interleague play thing does make you wonder what is real and unreal.

6:35 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

But the Tigers have shown some Twins-like qualities this year with several players coming up from Triple-A and doing well. Eddie Bonine is just the latest.

6:37 PM 

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