Wednesday, March 05, 2008

On The Bullpen, Inge, Duckett And Favre...

Look, I have been around long enough to understand what spring training generally means on the larger landscape - not much.
Spring training stories are terrific because they mean baseball - the real deal - is coming soon. That is especially true when we keep getting hit with these monster snow storms.
But there has to be concerns on a couple fronts in the Tigers’ camp. Fernando Rodney’s ailing shoulder is not good news. Neither is Todd Jones getting shelled the other day. The bullpen is an obvious concern.
Also, the Brandon Inge issue is perplexing. If the club is better with him - which Jim Leyland openly says - why are they still trying to trade him? And why baby him by saying he won’t have to catch? I know there has to be some method to Leyland’s madness on the subject of Inge. Honestly, though, I can figure it out. He has put one player ahead of the team. That doesn’t seem right.

Random Thoughts

- I can understand a team being interested in T.J. Duckett, but it does seem like the Seahawks overpaid for him by a large degree.

- Brett Favre’s greatness can’t be questioned. The love for him in Detroit should be, though. How can Favre be such a beloved hero in this state after all the devastation he has done to the Lions down through the years? Can’t understand it.


Blogger Fred Brill said...

I am bamboozled by the lack of visible action to address the bullpen crisis.

Yeah - crisis.

I hope Dombrowsky can trade Inge within the week. I have heard talk the Dodgers are seriously interested.

But to throw out a theaory of an answer as to why Inge is being babied, everything I can find on Cabrera scouting report wise lists Cabreras defensive play as "below average" and that Inge is "above average" at 3B.

I think this is what Inge is having a hard time swallowing.

Book, is that what you get from the scouting reports, or am I way off base.

1:15 PM 
Blogger Barry said...

Jorge Sosa and Ryan Dempster are said to be available. Is Dempster a bit over rated? Would Inge or Thames be enough to get one of this guys? Sosa might help the Tigers if he is not overused. Would you trade for any of these guys Pat?
I would prefer to trade Thames with his great slugging percentage because the Tigers seem to be a bit short on catchers and Inge could be used if Pudge or Wilson get injury.

2:07 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Fred Brill,
There do seem to be some teams that are interested in Inge. Maybe they can move him, but I wouldn't do it for anything less than a quality middle reliever. I wouldn't trade him just to trade him.

2:09 PM 
Blogger maddog52 said...

I tell you book so far there are lots of brightspots in spring training. The main cast of characters lineup/starters haven't looked bad. Even the potential starter replacements Virgil Vasquez and Porcello have looked solid. The bullpen on the other hand looks like the same old group that cost us key ball games last year. Jones gave up a hit in run in his first outing then got shelled in his second. Rodney seems to still be plagued by the same injuries taht cost him last year. Grilli is a lost cause in my book. I just don't see very many positives. The Tigers if they are for real this season are going to have to address the bullpen. The lineup can carry it as far as they can however, if the bullpen can't hold games this team won't win it all. Have you heard anything because you think they will address it and I think they are going to regret not going after a Cordero or something.

Inge.. I love the guy I want him to stay in Detroit. However, I think he just needs to shutup now and play. Stop bitching and look at his situation like everyone is. You were middle of the road as a fielding thirdbasemen at best. You stick absolutely stunk last year. If the tigers could send you off for a solid reliver you'd be gone. But the bottom line is you are not that easy of a deal.

Personally I think the lions made a mistake by letting Duckett go. I actually think he fits waht they want to do better then K. Jones. Julius Jones couldn't run behind Dallas's line. Think he will be able to run behind our marshmellows. Duckett was nice cause he was a bull dog. We need a north/south back that can run right up Dominic Riaola's bung whole and push the pile with the ability to pineball himself to goaline. Randy Smith (millen/marinelli) needs to let Tampa GO. Only 2 players I'd take from the bucs are Derrick Brooks or Barber. But I think they missed teh boat on Duckett my mind he was ag ood fit for this team.

Favre personally I was a huge fan of his. So what he beat the lions so did everybody else and there mothers. I think he is definately a loss for the NFL. He is one of the last true guys that actually played for the love of the game. Put his heart and sole into. He wasn't all about the greenbacks. He was about winning and playing football. We as lions fans were lucky to be able to see one of the all time greats in person once a year for the last 17 years.

2:09 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Dempster is either very good or totally awful. He has been more bad than good of late. Has a great arm, but lacks consistency of command and sometimes poise. I doubt they would deal Inge for Sosa. Don't see a fit or where that would be equal value.

2:14 PM 
Blogger maddog52 said...

how about a Brian Fuentes from Colorado? Isn't Matt Corpas there closer now? We could probably get him for a decent price.

3:19 PM 
Blogger Rick said...

Hello Pat,

I can understand your feelings about all the people who like Favre around here. My take is this, this is coming from an ex-Wisconsin boy, so you know I love the guy, and have enjoyed watching him destroy the Lions time and time again. To me it's just like when you guys had Barry Sanders, if you didn't like watching the guy play you just weren't a football fan. Remember now that He(Sanders) was basicly a gift from the cheese heads as you call us (wouldn't catch me wearing one) so enough of the sour grapes, breath easy he's retiring, unless he pulls the crap alot of these guys do, Yes no, yes no.
I've been here for five years, I am a Tigers fan, and Pistons, and finally get to watch Hockey, Red Wings all the way baby! But I'll never turn into a Lions fan, At least not over My Packers. I do want to see them do well, just not against my team. To me having Millen run your Team is like having your retarted neighbor run the team your tring to beat, so it's cool with me. Plus it's kind of fun hearing everyone complain. Reminds me of the not to distant past when the Packers sucked, everyone was complaining, then came Favre.
Enjoy your take on sports, good luck with that Lion's team.

Rick B

3:32 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Favre beloved in Detroit? Try more like hated, but respected. The nightmare of Favre to Sharpe and both Kevin Scott and William White trailing will probably never go away.

5:29 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Yeah, they definitely need some help, but teams aren't ready to give up lefties. Also, Colorado isn't worried about their payroll right now. They are spenders.

5:50 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Favre is a great player. Nobody is disputing that. But why isn't he hated like Jordan and others in this town. Just doesn't seem right.

5:51 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

You'd be surprised how much love the guy gets in this town. Seems ridiculous.

5:52 PM 
Anonymous st said...

I agree Pat, Favre can take a flying leap! Along with Jordan, LaBron, and any other non-Detroit sports icon.

If you’re from this state, I don’t see how you can cheer for anyone else but the home matter how bad they are. But that's just my opinion.

I really enjoy this blog; I have been reading your stories ever since I was a little kid growing up in Pontiac. Although I live up north now, I still look forward to getting on the web everyday to check out what you have to say. Although I don’t always agree with you, you do a great job.

11:44 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Thanks for the compliment. I appreciate it. It's 50-50 on Favre. There are people who agree with us on, but those who don't think he is above it all. Amazing.

10:23 AM 

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