Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Why Would The Lions Want Any Of These Guys?

I do find laughable the thought the Lions are mulling over whether to re-sign their potential free agents. If there is anything that shows just how poorly this team has been put together down through the years, it is the list of free agents from the Lions.
Teddy Lehman, Boss Bailey, Keith Smith, Damien Woody, etc. - it reads like a list of disappointment. I find the Lions sudden love for Woody particularly amusing. He spent nearly his entire time with the Lions as a bust, but ended with the coaches loving him as a right tackle. Now they want him back. Typical Lions’ weirdness.
Rod Marinelli indicating he wants Shaun Rogers back is another factor that seems odd. But like Woody, it is also an indication of just how thin this team is in regard to its talent. They can’t afford to unload underachievers because there aren’t even average players waiting to replace them.

Random Thoughts

- I thought the All Star break came at a bad time for the Pistons. They were really rolling and it was apparent during Tuesday’s loss to Orlando they lost some of their steam during the break.

- Yes, I thought Ian Laperriere’s shot on Nicklas Lidstrom was a cheap one. He got his elbows up and was intending to unnecessarily strike him in the head. It was totally proper for the Aaron Downey to retaliate the way he did. Actually, it was good to see.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


To top it off, Millen is making $2.5 MILLION a year!

Until Parcells and one other GM were recently signed, Millen was the highest paid GM in the NFL!

Mike in Union Lake.

6:50 PM 
Blogger Barry said...

Hey Pat: It was a bad move not signing Dotel (if healthy) even though he is not a superstar he would add much needed depth and experience. I understand not signing Linebrink because his contract was too long. I like what the Sox did, if these two come through they just shorten their games. I think over long term the Sox and Tigers will become rivals over the years because both team have cash. The Indians might lose Sabathia and Martinez next winter. The Tigers are in trouble especially if they run across an injury to one of their key bullpen arms. You cannot stretch Jones out more than one inning. Bad thing about this trade line in 08 there is really no body really available unless the Twins part with Nathan. Lidge and Isringhausen become free agent next year so they might be available if the Phillies or Cardinals fall apart. Isringhausen is another Jones isn't he, respectful pitcher but not a Riveria. But Tigers are still in good shape with their starting staff and exciting offense, but they just have to accept the fact they will be playing a full 9 innings each night. Can't wait to see Cabrera hit especially by Maggs.

9:31 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Actually, it's $3 million per year. The guy could make that much as a broadcaster, something he is very good at. Why stay at something he doesn't do well?

9:24 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

The key with Dotel is how healthy he is. If he is healthy, he gives insurance as a closer because he has does have experience in that area. It will be interesting to see how this plays out when the Tigers and White Sox play so much this season.

9:26 AM 
Blogger kranthony329 said...


I'd feel better if the Lion's just wrote off these past mistakes and made newer, cheaper mistakes. Maybe that way, they could afford not to raise ticket prices. Seriously, how much worse could they possibly be if these (at best) 2nd tier players were let go and their spots were filled by the starters for the AAFL team soon to inhabit Ford Field. Getting back to raising ticket prices, how on earth can these meatballs in the Lions front office justify this?? I'm surprised they don't have to pay people to come watch this trash!

6:32 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Concerning pistons; Hey Pat, I just need to know if I am the only one who has seen "Herman" make a positive impact almost every time he gets a chance to be inserted into the line up. Granted it's not prime time minutes but those quality minutes where he does make a difference such warrant a looka difference such warrent a look at moments with

8:42 AM 

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