Wednesday, February 13, 2008

There Definitely Is Lying In Baseball

Baseball and congress are an odd mix. Seems like when they get together to discuss something, nothing really gets resolved legally.
But the court of public opinion sure does turn. Roger Clemens is in trouble in that regard. There is a lot more evidence that has been submitted to suggest he did use performance-enhancing substances, than there is to discount the notion.
Seems like Clemens is trying to hide behind the ball player’s creed, "What is done here and said here, stays here."
Andy Pettitte put God before the game and The Rocketman - and told the truth. That wasn’t good for Clemens. McNamee is a little weasel - and everybody knows it. He had lied for players in the past. You get a clear sense of that. He stopped on Clemens’ behalf simply because he had to.
My problem comes with the circus congress makes of this. It’s laughable. So is the fact this is garnering so much interest when there is a war to be settled, an economy in shambles and perhaps the most important presidential election in eons on the horizon.
Look, for a span of 20 years or so, use of steroids and Human Growth Hormone was rampant in baseball. It looks like Roger Clemens was one of the players involved. Can’t say I’m overly surprised. If he has lied before congress, he was foolish because he may find himself in similar legal hot water as Barry Bonds.
But, honestly, this has become a stale story on every level. There is no crying in baseball, but there is lying.
At this point, I’m not so sure if I care anymore who is telling the truth.

Random Thoughts

- I do think winning Friday night’s game vs. Columbus is very important for the Red Wings. They don’t want to go into a funk with the playoffs less than eight weeks away - especially when they have a rugged road trip to Western Canada coming up next week.

- Michigan State was exposed - again - during its loss at Purdue. The Spartans are better this season, but not to the degree their record suggests. They are not an elite team, that’s for sure. Certainly, they aren’t road warriors.


Anonymous Bryan152 said...

Yeah, the whole Clemens/Pettite fiasco is really getting annoying. I'm afraid that this sort of thing will be commonplace over the next decade. I just hope it doesn't detract from Opening Day and the start of the Major League season. There are so many great storylines in baseball this season (Mets' rotation, Tigers' lineup, Torre in L.A.) and I would hate from them to be pushed to the back burner by steroids allegations.

Watching that Nashville game last night really made me wonder how the Red Wings don't score at least 7 goals a game. They keep it in the offensive zone for really about 2/3 of the game. They almost always outshoot their opponents. And they've got two bona fide snipers on the blue line for half the game. But I think as of late, their forwards just pass the puck far too often when they should shoot it. I don't know if it's a lack of confidence on their part but it's like watching an All-Star Game where no one wants to come across as selfish and just fire it at the net.

You know who never had problem shooting the puck? #14. And I'm not talking about Derek Meech.

11:19 PM 
Blogger Barry said...

Hey Pat: If baseball players are using steroids, what are football players on? Are they being investigated? If Clemens is lying, he just or been advised to choose money( pitching contact, endorsements and other business interest) over his own integrity. He is not setting a very good example by lying to Congress, if lying. If found guilty they should lynch his lawyers too.

7:21 AM 
Blogger Scott (Thinking Man) said...


I think Roger Clemens is playing the ultimate game of bluff here. It seems pretty certain he did some form of performance enhancement, HGH, steroids or a combination of the two. I think he is hoping that if he screams loud enough and long enough, people will believe him. The only problem with that strategy is that he has most likely lied under oath, and could face criminal charges down the line for having done so. He should have either admitted the truth up front, or kept his mouth shut. I can't see an upside to how he has approach it - unless he really is telling the truth. I guess time will tell. The whole thing has been a pathetic spectacle. I love baseball and always will, but this is hard to stomach.

12:08 PM 
Anonymous Marty said...


To be honest, I never cared about who did steroids in the past. As long as they aren't done now, I will be happy. The records mean little to me, and I enjoy watching the game. I root for my team to win, and that is about it. If Barry Bonds, or Roger Clemens cheated, I don't really care. That was in the past, and if the MLB can crack down on it enough that those kinds of cheats become rare, that is all I want. I don’t care about “justice” done for the past cheating, as it is only a game. The people who were hurt the most by the steroids are actually the people who used them. They are going to have health problems for the rest of their now shorter lives. That is punishment enough for me, and in fact it is more punishment than they deserve since it was only a game. I feel sorry for the people stupid enough to use the performance enhancing drugs just to play a game better.


P.S. This topic brings up something else. I used to watch ESPN all day, and just listen to what was going on throughout the country on different sports. But I almost never turn on the station anymore. It is like a sports soap opera. Everyone trying to drum up Drama about what “should” be done, or what whether people believe some team is better than a team they didn’t play, or stupid stuff like that. I don’t give a crap about anyone’s opinion on the personal life of some players or coaches, I just want to know what happened in the games. Back when that was what was reported, I enjoyed watching ESPN, but now it has gotten as bad as talk radio. I just can’t watch it anymore.

10:23 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I get the sdme feeling. Here is it, the opening of spring training. All these great storylines. And it's all about Roger Clemens and steroids. I understand the value of news. But this seems to take on a different form. And I'm so sure if I care about it - or should feel guility about not caring. It's weird. What the Wings show you is just how good other teams are at preventing goals by surviving the onslaught. The key for the Wings is keeping up the pressure, but not allowing easy goals at the other end - especially in the playoffs.

12:27 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Football has had a much more comprehensive program in place for a long period of time. Not to say it isn't a problem in that sport (HGH is a problem everywhere because of the difficulty testing for it), it wasn't as rampant in the NFL. I don't know how to explain it, but having been around both sports as a beat writer, it is obvious what I am saying.

12:29 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I hear you. And it has become the classic defense for these type of things. But it hasn't been working as well as it used to, that's for sure. Seems like the fibbers are eventually caught in a web of their own lies. Appears to be what is happening with Clemens.

12:31 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I feel the same way you do. It was just too big an issue to grasp at this point, so let it go and move on. That's why I wish Bud Selig had just followed Mitchell's recommendation and focused on preventing it now, instead of worrying about years ago.

12:33 PM 

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