Friday, February 22, 2008

Pistons Were Just Fine At Trade Deadline

Honestly, I think the Pistons should be happy with the way it worked at the NBA trade deadline.
What the Cavaliers deal told them - and the rest of the world - is they didn’t feel like they were good enough to win the championship as is, so they made a trade that almost smacks of desperation.
The Pistons - unlike Phoenix or the Lakers or the Mavericks or the Cavs - didn’t have to make a deal out of desperation.
As they stand, the Pistons are capable of winning the NBA title. Their chances are as good as any other team. Notice San Antonio didn’t make a major move at the deadline, either. Because, like the Pistons, the Spurs are decidedly solid. Other teams are trying to catch them in regard to being playoff-ready.
Does that mean the Pistons will win the title? Not necessarily. But any major move at the deadline would have likely hindered, not helped, their possibilities. Ben Wallace is over-the-hill. Joe Smith is probably the better player. The Cavs - like always - are a threat because of LeBron James. The trade didn’t change that. They are still behind the Pistons, Celtics and Magic overall on the Eastern Conference ladder.

Random Thoughts

- I enjoy the way the NFL Network covers the scouting combine. I find the 40-dash coverage to be particularly fascinating.

- I think Juan Dixon is good insurance for the Pistons. I still think, though, the Pistons would be wise to rely on their youngsters first off the bench in the backcourt.

- I keep hearing Joel Zumaya’s name mentioned from spring training. He missed most of the last season and is already injured for this season. The Tigers can’t count on Zumaya. Anything they get from him will be gravy. I understand he is a charismatic figure in this town, but he has been undependable The stark, honest truth is durability is more important than a 100 mph fastball.


Anonymous Danny said...

Pat, Zumaya is an enigma. So much promise and flashes of brilliance.

We can only hope that he is able to fulfill some of his potential and doesn't become one of those guys you remember as a great could have been.

You are right about durability, but there is nothing like being at the park with the excitement of Zoom coming out of the pen in the 7th with a lead.

Hopefully he will heal enough and take care of himself enough to get another shot at the big time.


12:40 PM 
Anonymous Andrew Winkle said...

Pat the Book,

I do concur that the 'Stons were not in need of any major move. So I'm glad that Joe D. didn't make any rash and foolish move. Now about the Tigers Prez and GM, Double D, I'd love to hear that he was acquired a reliable, middle reliever. But maybe Zach Miner will fill that role for the Tabbies.

Three of the six regular Red Wing defensemen are not playing tonight. Plus Brett Lebda has returned from an injury in the last two weeks. Yet people want to trade Lilja, go figure. He may not be an All-Star, but he is dependable and healthy.

Which brings me to my favorite Red Wing, the man we all use to hate, the player that outlasts the Energizer bunny, none other than the ageless wonder, CCChhhrrriiisss Chelios.

Chelios will probably play longer tonight and again tomorrow than Ken Kal's most difficult trivia question. Did you notice the goal our man Cheli scored the other night? How could anyone over 40 y.o. not find some particular glee in that "He shoots, he scores!" I can just hear Chelios after this weekend telling Coach Babcock that it's about time he started playing him more, especially on the powerplay.

3:42 PM 
Blogger Barry said...

Hey Pat: It would be a bonus if he could pitch this year and at least he showed up for spring taining. I think he is durable if he overcome his last injury. How many pitchers break a tendon in their finger while pitching and the freak accident he had this fall is just more bad luck. I am more concern about his recklessness. Why would he race from California to Florida for? It not like he can pitch immediately. But maybe his grandmother does not like flying or hotels. I notice the Royals and Reds have a few pitchers/players out of option like the Tigers do, maybe there will be something good at spring end.

5:47 PM 
Blogger maddog52 said...

Book I tell you the Pistons really what were they to do. They would of really had to shake some things up in order to pull off a move. ONly exception maybe Gasol being the lakers gave up to bags of poo and some lighter fluid to get him. Pistons don't have that one superstar where they can afford to unload a chunk of the core. I kind of like the move for the Cavs. Personally with or with out them I would rather avoid lebron in the playoffs atall cost. My mind he is the best in the NBA.
1 move I think would be pretty good and I heard someone mention it on your air waves. Is maybe sticking a guy like Amir Johnson into the starting lineup. The guy has shown quite ab it to me over the past few weeks. I think it will energize the rest of the starters. Bringing McDyess of the Bench wouldn't be bad as well. You'd get a solid rebounder and scorer.

On to the Tigers. I will be honest what scares me is the Pitching. not saying it will be bad, but lets face there are some uncertainties about it. There is a guy out there. If he has anything left why not give him a shot if not for insurance purposes. Or Heck even make him your closer and let Jones be situation set up dude. Guy I am refering to is Bartolo Colon. He be some nice heat coming out. Even if it be for 1 year. What do you think. Then if a starter gets hurt or a Robertson/Rogers/Bonderman are struggling really badand you had to bring him to start you have a very solid replacement. What do you think? I know it probably is unlikely. But you ahve to admit the thought is a interesting one.

12:01 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I just don't see it this year. When he pitched last season, he wasn't nearly as good as he was in 2006. It takes time to get to full-strength. He won't be there this season. I can't but wonder if he will ever be the same pitcher again - despite his youth.

9:28 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Andrew Winkle,
What did you do to Chelly? Give him a curse (LOL)? I think the Pistons victory at Phoenix Sunday proved the point about knee-jerk reactions near the trade deadline. I mean, are the Suns really a better team with Shaq?

9:30 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I was thinking the same thing when I read that about Zumaya - what was his hurry. It's entirely possible the Tigers will get some bullpen help at the end of camp.

9:31 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I don't think that trade will have any bearing on the Cavs. They still will live or die by LeBron.

9:33 AM 

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