Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Henne's Star Might Shine In The Pros

It doesn’t surprise me that Chad Henne is performing well during practice sessions at the Senior Bowl, and that his draft stock is apparently rising.
He is a big, strong kid with a rocket for an arm. I feel, in a way, he underachieved at Michigan given his talent.
I think part of it was an offense that was too vanilla. When they opened up the offense, he made several great throws during the bowl victory against Florida - legitimate NFL-caliber passes. But for the most part, Henne seemed bogged down by an offense that was too basic, too conservative and too predictable. Also, Henne was hindered by injuries his senior season - another obvious factor.
Is he another Tom Brady? No. Who is? But Henne might turn out to be another Michigan QB who has more success at the NFL level than he did in college. Lets put it this way: It wouldn’t shock me.

Random Thoughts

- Henrik Zetterberg has developed into one of the top dozen players in the world. He is the Red Wings best forward and a terrific two-way performer. But his on-going back problems are a cause for concern. He misses a lot of time and there is always the fear it will become an issue when it matters most - during the playoffs.

- Did the White Sox do the right thing by biting at the bait and signing Octavio Dotel to a two-year, $11 million contract. He has had arm issues and hasn’t posted an ERA under 3.90 in several years. But he is a veteran bullpen presence with a live arm. Hmmm. Wonder if he would have helped the Tigers, who are counting on hard-throwing youngsters Francisco Cruceta and Denny Bautista instead.


Blogger Barry said...

On paper Chicago's bullpen looks good with Linebrink and Dotel setting up Jenks. The Sox cannot over use him or he will go down again. He can help any club if used right. If Dotel and Linebrink do good, then the Sox just shorten their game. Hopefully Tigers can avoid the 7th innings with good starting pitcher and great offense. What is Cruceta and Buntisa hold up, is it control or their fastball flat? With DD you know their arms are electrifying. Hopefully their is a spot for Bazardo, hate to lose him on the waiver wire.

12:06 PM 
Anonymous maddog52 said...

I tell you book I disagree with your buddy Lynn Henne on his article today. Didn't Dave Dombrowski state he talked with Brandon Inge briefly and Inge would prefer to be traded and have a chance to play everyday. Didn't dombrowski state they will do there best to accomidate, but there could be a chance he might stay. In my mind that is all that needs to be said. Inge don't owe anybody anything. Let him enjoy his offseason. My mind Lynn should give common courtesy and just wait for spring training why bug the guy now. There is no point. Maybe it is just me but I think Inge is alright and don't owe us fans or needs to say anything. Inge knows the deal was a major upgrade. He wants to play everyday. Heck I respect the guy for keeping his cool and going about his business as oppose to being a T.O. type guy/drama queen. If Lynn and the other 2 reporters need a story talk about the bullpen looks on paper right now. What are the tigers options if Kenny Rogers career is fizzled out or Bonderman struggles again. What are options. Tata and Vasquez? What about the Bull Pen.

Funny you mention the White Sox they silently added some nice peices. I think Swisher and Orlando are good adds. Dotel is good to an already solid bullpen.

Henne I am not sure. He could be solid and has potential if put behind a solid offensive line.

I tell you what on the Lions. I don't give 2 craps about Millen any more. Matter of fact I don't blame him any more as I feel there is only one turd to blame. You know people talk about Jerry Jones and his melting face on the sideline. Heck Even Mark Cuban. Look at Robert Craft. These guys care about there team. They Care about making their fans happy. They care about the legends that made them money. THen you have Ford. What a sorry excuse for an owner. I remember the Thanksgiving game. His team is getting torched by the Packers. They show shots of hmi smiling. (probably looking back at his suite mates saying yep boys another sell out by these dumb ass people) Guys like Jerry Jones he cares he wants his team to succeed. He has cheerleaders not peeweeleaders, he honors his players, why is Barry Sanders number looming around, where is the lions ring of honor. Worse of look at his team. Its not Millens fault. He is doing the best he can. Grant it not good, but it is what it is. FOrd allows it to happen. THe man don't care if he wins, he don't care about what you fans think, hell he barely even cares about any of his players.

4:18 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I don't know much about Cruceta or Bautista. Haven't seen them pitch. Only info I have is what Tigers' brass told me.

10:50 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Inge is going to be with the Tigers in spring training. That is clear. They are going to ask him to report with pitchers and catchers Feb. 14. Will he be there? If he isn't, it will be telling.

10:52 AM 
Anonymous maddog52 said...

Yeah lets just wait and find out. Only or a few more weeks. Me personalyl I am just saying I don't think he owes us any explination. It be great for news and a story, but he just don't. He's done nothing wrong. Like you said he probably will be here for spring training so why would he want to put himself or say something to take the focus off.

As far as Shaun Rogers. Personally if we can get someone better then I say make the change, but I wouldn't dump him with no solid plan in place. Know what I am saying. I know he is a lazy slob, but we need to get talent.

11:15 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I think he learned a long time ago that he just has to do what he feels is right for him.

12:09 PM 
Blogger Fred Brill said...

Book - like your new look on the blog.

With Maddog52's comments on Inge - I have this gut feeling that Cabrera is only here for a year - don't ask me what I have to back it up - but it sounds like they couldn't get more of him - if so - that leaves the 3 bag open should he split.

My gut tells me that Inge will be holding down 3rd on a daily basis before the season ends - maybe before it starts. If he is still here that is.

But maybe that's just my own sentiment seeping through.

The ultimate irony would be that we lose Cabrera somehow - and wish we had a third baseman like Inge again. Strager things have happened.

In any case the AL central seems to be the division to watch this year.

1:13 PM 
Blogger Dakota Mark said...

Hey Book,

On the topic of Z and his back issues. All I have to say is look at Bossy and Lemuex...both had back problems that helped shorten already great careers. Can you imagine if both were not hindered by back issues?! Z is still pretty young...I worry now more about that long term contract extension that he will probably, most certainly get this year. On the other hand, if we don't, someone definately will. That would come back to bite us for sure. Glad I am not the GM.

I Agree we needed additional bull pen help via free agency or trade. But paying another high priced pitcher coming off an OK year, especially for the bull pen...I am glad we didn't. But, it would have been nice to get at least another middle tier pitcher to help though.


1:33 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Book, I have to agree with you that Inge has to see what is best for him, and I would like to add the he has EARNED the right to do what is best for him.He's been here through thick and thin and always showed up at the park ready to play.As much as I would like to see him behind our plate for life, no matter what he decides I hope everyone in the D does what I plan to. Standing ovation and a VERY gracious "THANK YOU BRANDON!"

I also just wanted to say a quick note about your show the other night. A 3.0 gpa is ludicrous. I learned life from behind the plate in high school.My father was killed when i was young and sports were my fathers.If I applied what I learned in high school to my succesful career now it would add up to "ZERO..ZERO...ZERO"


10:58 PM 

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