Friday, January 25, 2008

Ernie Harwell Is A Treasure

Ernie Harwell turned 90 today. It is a cause for both celebration and reflection.
He has not only been the voice of the Tigers for generations, but also of Detroit and the state of Michigan.
Last month, I had Ernie on my radio show and, as always, I immediately received several e-mails, all basically saying, "It was great to hear that voice."
Who doesn’t remember hiding a transistor radio under a blanket when they were a kid to listen to that voice call the Tigers’ game from the West Coast? Who doesn’t recall weekend doubleheaders during the summertime, with that voice resonating during a family picnic?
Ernie is a friend. While that makes me fortunate, it hardly makes me a club of one. He has friends everywhere. And it’s genuine. He is truly a good person - and wise. I also appreciate his wife, Lulu, who strikes me as a person of much virtue, particularly those of kindness and loyalty.

Note: I will talking sports at The Art Van Furniture store on Dixie Hwy. in Waterford on Saturday from noon to 2 p.m. Stop on by. We have food and a free gift for everybody.

Random Thoughts

- I honestly can’t believe a team with Dwyane Wade is that bad. What has happened to the Miami Heat is incredible.

- I like that the Phoenix Suns are planning on playing a preseason game outdoors next season. It will be interesting to see how Steve Nash adjusts his shooting for the direction of the wind (LOL). It will be at a tennis stadium in California. There is no obvious place for the Pistons to do this, though. Too bad. I think the concept would fly around these parts.

- I can wait for the Senior Bowl. One of my favorite things is the NFL Draft. Count me among those who just can’t get enough of the draft.


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May i go back and listen to the Red Wings game or be more congenial during a golf match.

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