Friday, April 06, 2007

Where Does The Masters Lie?

The Masters is this weekend and I love the tournament. Golf courses by nature are beautiful to the eye. Augusta National is rivaled only by Pebble Beach in sheer beauty, at least from what I can tell from television. Grass never looks so green. But I have never been able to quite put my finger on where The Masters stands on the overall landscape of sporting events in this country. Is it bigger than the U.S. Open, which is essentially the national golf championship of this nation? To me, it seems as if Augusta National is almost too rigged to the best players, while the way U.S. Open courses are set up, it benefits too much straight hitters who count "par" as their strength. I love the Kentucky Derby, but its appeal is limited to a degree by the shortness of the race itself. If you miss the Kentucky Derby, you can always catch it in its entirety on SportsCenter - even if you forgot to TiVo it. The Indianapolis 500 was once a great event, but they have ruined it. The Super Bowl is massive, but there is some disappointment when you actually see the game live because it is then understood what a made-for-TV event it actually is. They do a lot of things just to play to the TV cameras or the NFL Films cameras. The World Series is much more pure. The NBA Finals are terrific, but I hate the way the nation seems so disappointed if the Pistons are in it. The Stanley Cup finals, for some reason, tend to be anti-climatic. The beauty of the Stanley Cup playoffs lies more in their totality. Certainly, I don’t think anything is quite as intense. Tiger Woods is the star of stars and, of course, that adds to the aura of The Masters, but he badly needs a genuine rival.

Random Thoughts

- To me, it is almost as if Kentucky basketball and Alabama football have become the same thing. Great tradition, but unrealistic expectations.

- Maybe it’s just me overreacting only two games into the season, but I can see Curtis Granderson having a great season. He is a smart player who will get the most out of his talent eventually. And I think his talent is considerable.

- Don’t you almost wish the Red Wings don’t win the President’s Trophy? Is there anything more useless? Go Sabres!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Been out of town for a week - Spring Break and all ... Got back yesterday and heard Izzo's name was floated around for the Kentucky job, and some MSU fans were apprehensive because Izzo did not diffuse the rumors.

Was Izzo a candidate? If he wasn't too quick to dispel those rumors, what does this say? A few months ago there were those goofy rumors about him being interested in coaching the football team?

Is Izzo getting bored and looking for a change of some sort? Or are some people just making a lot out of nothing?

- ray

12:51 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey pat, i use to call in and talk to you and art. i am still having a hard time tunig in these days w/o art on the big show. it really made my day. when you see him tell him he is missed. i tune in when i hear you voice though while i am patrolling the streets of taylor on the afternoon shift.
keep up the good work!!
phil from taylor

1:19 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Tom is not quick to dispel rumors like that because he likes the leverage. For someone in his position, he is very sensitive to criticism and he feels insecure in his job. Odd as that may seem, it's true. He was prone to that to begin with, and what happened to Nick Saban in East Lansing impacted him a great deal in that regard. He thought they didn't appreciate what Nick did at MSU. Having said that, Tom is also made $7 million last year and the Kentucky job is far worse in that way than MSU ever will be.

5:41 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Your comment about the Tigers bullpen didn't post here for some reason, but I did see. The Tigers may have to reshuffle their bullpen if it doesn't get better soon.

5:43 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the masters is great only if tiger has a chance to win it. he is the only reason i watch,

11:05 AM 

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