Friday, March 23, 2007

Kitna's Comments Anything But Out Of Order

Look, nobody in the media has criticized the Lions any more than I have. I don’t believe, as a general rule, they should be given the benefit the doubt. They haven’t earned it. But I do, however, feel the constant public mocking of Lions quarterback Jon Kitna on talk radio for saying he thinks they can win 10 games this season is inappropriate. If I’m a Lions fans, I’d be glad Kitna feels that way. For one thing, he is going to be 35 years old next season. He should be playing to win because he sure isn’t part of a rebuilding process. Secondly, that’s leadership to help instill confidence in his teammates. Now do I think the Lions will win 10 games this season? Are you serious? They will probably be below .500. Their offense should move the ball between the 20s effectively, struggle in the scoring zone again. Their defense is awful. The draft isn’t going to make that much difference. But Kitna better not feel that way.

Random Thoughts

- Greg Oden is a terrific player, but the problem for him in the NBA is that there are few true centers remaining in the league. You have to wonder if that will make things easier or more difficult for him at the next level.

- I have watched a lot of combine tape and the best athlete I have seen on defense for his position might be Tim Crowder, a defensive end from Texas. The kid weighs more than 270 pounds and runs like a receiver. He ran a sub 4.7 and was a productive player for Texas.

- I like Jim Leyland’s lineup. I just wonder if Pudge will complain if he continues to hit sixth in the order. Last year, he didn’t.


Blogger ThinkingMan said...

It may be a bit too soon to figure out what Oden will be in the NBA (Ben Wallace or Patrick Ewing?). Peronally, I hope both he and Durant stay in college. I pine for the old days of college basketball ... like the Carolina team that had Sam Perkins, James Worthy and Michael Jordan ... are you kidding me! Or how about the DePaul team with Mark Aguire and Terry Cummings? I guess from a selfish point of view I should hope that Oden goes pro so that my Spartans are a lock for the Big Ten title.

As for the Lions, I actually like what they have done this off-season. It seems like they have gotten rid of some troublemakers and are at least trying to build through the draft. I think they will trade down and pick up another second rounder. I'm not sure how deep this draft is, but it could be a good foundational draft for the Lions if they can get it right.

1:05 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Honestly, Oden looks like he his 18 going on 32. I know LeBron James looks a lot older than he is, but this guy looks way beyond his teens. I reminder when the first team All-American team was made of great juniors and seniors, but rare is the great player that stays in college for long these days. I don't like what the Lions have done from the standpoint anybody can clean house, but what separates the good organizations from the bad ones is the ability to put the team together again. The Lions have cleaned house a number of times under Millen, but have no idea how to build the team.

2:08 AM 
Anonymous jpleezy said...


I wouldn't be so sure your Spartans are a lock for the Big Ten title if Oden doesn't come back next year. Indiana returns a good team, especially if DJ White comes back for his senior year and they're adding the best shooting guard in the country, Eric Gordon who can fill it up in a hurry. Even an Odenless Ohio State with Conley, Cook, and co. won't roll over either as they're also adding another top 10 recruiting class.


10:29 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I would have to agree with thinkingman that MSU is the favorite based on what is returning, but I agree Indiana should be very good - if White returns.

10:57 AM 
Anonymous Tom Mohan said...

I like Kitna because he is a true football guy and a competitor. This is a rebuilding year at best and to draft a high QB pick this year seems to be a bad strategy. I hope they trade down for more picks because we need volume.

8:33 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Tom Mohan,
I am sure Lions would like to trade down, but I am not sure if there is a player near the top of the board somebody wants that badly. Cleveland might be a possibility because the Browns need a QB. Kitna is likable and works hard, but he just isn't that good.

1:55 AM 

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