Friday, March 02, 2007

Lions Did OK With Bly Deal

Ultimately, the Lions probably would have been better off, for this coming season anyway, if they had not traded Dre' Bly.
He was, arguably, their best defensive player. They are void of quality cornerbacks. His departure makes the Lions even more vulnerable defensively.
At least, however, the Lions got something of value in return. Tatum Bell is not an ideal every down back, but rather a smallish runner with excellent speed who, when spotted properly, can be an impact player. Used in tandem with Kevin Jones (depending on his health), Bell could work out very well for the Lions. George Foster does help the Lions with their offensive line. A draft pick always helps. It was not like the Lions got nothing from Denver for Bly, who was entering the final year of his contract, is expensive and is getting older. I do not see where the Lions could have done much better under the circumstances.

Random Thoughts

- On my first day down in Lakeland to write columns for The Oakland Press, the player I was most impressed by is Gary Sheffield. He really looks like a pure hitter. Two things: He is in great shape physically and he has extraordinary bat speed. At 38, it does not appear he has lost anything at the plate. I think he will hit 30 home runs this season and knock in 100 runs. That would be a huge help for the Tigers.

- Jim Leyland seems almost paranoid about his batting order for the coming season. It is almost weird. It is a no-brainer, is it not? Sheffield and Mags hit in the three and four spots, and Pudge hits down the order. Granderson leads off and Polanco hits second. After the first four, it is pretty much mix and match. What is the big deal? It cannot be Pudge's ego, could it?

- Anybody notice just how bad the Michigan State basketball team has been on the road? I think the Spartans will get into the NCAA tournament, but it has not been good the way they have played away from the madhouse that is the Breslin Center on game night.


Blogger maddog52 said...

Personally I think the lions finally pulled off a decent move. I think George Foster might be the biggestKey out of the whole thing. He is only a 4 year guy. Could be ready to break in. HE wasn't a started for Denver. At the same time he is a big fat kid and should provide some healthy debth. Dre Bly didn't want to be here. Wheather he had a contract or not. HE was miserable and going to be miserable until he left. Tatum Bell is a serviceable runningback.

I really like what it does for denver. I mean you won't have a better CB tandum then Bailey and Bly. Don't pick any receivers taht play against them in fantasy haha.

Now lets talk lions. I see their wish list. I don't understand how Nate Celements can't be on the top of that list. We absolutely have no coverage. What that tells me is the lions plan on making either some more trades. Or will trade down and grab one of those top corners. You can't tell me that you are happy going in with Stanley Wilson and Every once in a while Fernando Bryant as your corners.

There are several good line backers out there and in the draft I feel. That you don't need to go nuts right away. The biggest problem here is the lions are probably going to have to over spend now in order to get anybody. But if that is what it takes I say do it. I'd like the idea of trading down. Heck Atlanta is dangling shaub out there. You could get a QB a good defensive player at 10. maybe even get a second round pick out of the deal. They need to be creative.

I tell you what I am gettng geeked about the tigers. I will be honest. If Andrew Miller blows up spring training. Lets say a guy like Maroth or somebody struggles could he find his way up here? I just think he is definately on the fast track.

11:06 AM 
Blogger ThinkingMan said...


The thing with Leyland and the lineup is pretty strange. It will be interesting to see what happens with Pudge. He is not an impact hitter anymore. I think he should be batting 8th, honestly. I'd like to see what Craig Monroe could do batting 5th or 6th. He has shown he can deliver in the clutch and he has averaged about 90 RBI batting down in the order.

12:59 PM 
Blogger maddog52 said...

You know I'd just like to say this to all Lions Brass that may read this blog.

SCREW YOU and your BULL that you spill to us every week.

Millen say they have talent at Corner is a joke. That is almost as bad as when Randy Smith said Jose Macias played gold glove centerfield.

The lions are going after a bunch of crap. White could be decent. But I don't see the big up roar over curtis. The lions are making it seem like we are about to get Holt. The draft is a good place to start if you know what you are doing. But the lions don't.

I say we need to show the lions no respect this year and not even buy any tickets. Lets leave Ford Field completely empty. Then lets see what they do then.

10:31 AM 
Blogger Steve said...

Why does it seem as if Duke and UNC reload every year whereas Michigan State has been so inconsistent? Even the Torbert, Davis, Brown, Ager team seemed to disappoint and then made a surprise run? Is it simply that college basketball is that competitive?

12:55 PM 
Anonymous Brian said...

Pudge has been hitting leadoff quite a bit in these early spring games. I'd still like seeing someone who walks a little more in the top spot of the lineup but I guess if it's against lefties, I could see Pudge hitting first.

9:50 AM 
Blogger Hank said...

Hey Pat. It looks like the Lions and Tigers are finally making good moves. Maybe Detroit can once again be the city of champions like it was before most of us were born. After all, the Pistons and Red Wings are among the best teams in their leagues and even the Shock have proven to be one of the best teams in the WNBA with a title or two with Bill Laimbeer. Great Blog, Pat. Hank.

10:16 AM 

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