Monday, December 18, 2006

Time for McCown

Has it ever been more obvious that the Lions must make a quarterback change? Every week, the same scenario develops. The Lions game is relatively close. Then Jon Kitna does something like take a sack he should not have. Or fumbles. Or is intercepted. He is at his absolute worst during the fourth quarter when a game is on the line. It is unbelievable Lions head coach Rod Marinelli sticks with him and still proclaims him as the Lions quarterback next season. This is going nowhere. It is time to see what Josh McCown can do. He may not be better than Kitna, but it is doubtful he would be worse. He did have some 300-yard passing games with the Cardinals, the Lions are paying him relatively a lot of money and he is young enough that their might be some potential there. As is, they are just wasting time with Kitna.

Random Thoughts

- With Kevin Jones injury such a factor, the Lions might to consider pursuing restricted free agent running back Michael Turner. It is doubtful the Chargers will be able to match offers for Turner considering what they are paying LaDainian Thomlinson. Turner is a sensational player.
- In the red zone early in the final quarter Sunday, the Lions probably should have tried throwing the ball to Mike Williams. Seems like he was pretty effective when they threw his way Sunday. Maybe - just maybe - he should have played more this season. Make that a lot more.
- Carmelo Anthony should get a least a 10-game suspension for the cheapshot punch he threw Saturday night in New York. At least he was contrite about it with what seemed like a sincere apology.


Blogger maddog52 said...

I agree in saying it is time for McCown. Accept I agreed with that about 3 or 4 weeks ago. Look we all like Kitna. You'd be lieing if you said you didn't. He has good qualities for a football player. At teh same time Talent needs to be the top one and Kitna is not the main guy. He never will be. I like Josh McCown for the simple reason he is a young guy and might be able to thrive in a Martz system. You plug him in 3 weeks ago before the line disappeared you might have seen what you got. My guess is Kitna is just a lame duck. WHoever you put behind that line now will get killed. To me Marinelli is digging a whole the longer he keeps saying Kitna is the guy.

When you have a 6'11 tree you should be playing at least in the endzone. SHades of Herman moore. The bigger the target the better. Get some of use of that millions sitting on the pine. I think Mike Williams would be perfect for that up the middle guy. He is big and could probably take a beating.

I'd give Michael Turner a shot. I mean guys like that are just waiting to bust out. It be better then what you got. I'd really like us to target Nate Clements. Our secondary blows. You can't count on Fernando. He is useless. I also wouldn't mind going after Justin Smith or Dwight Freeney if the lions had balls. There really isn't a whole lot out there this year via free agency. So the lions need to really make some bold sound moves on draft Day. Joe Thomas, Alan Branch, Lamar Woodley, Michael Griffin, Troy Smith these would all be names I'd look at.

How about those Pistons. Do you think Flip is now forced to have to play a young guy with Talent. I am on the Maxiell bandwagon. the kid showed up in the summer, preseason, and so far in limited time during the regular season. He is a tad smaller then Ben, but I think he provides what Ben did, with a little extra. The so called double double. Muhammad seems like he is out with the emergence of Davis and Flip Murray isn't a starter and needs to realize that. With that said. I think Dumars needs to make a move. This team will and could win the East only because it sucks. But in order to take it all I think they need to make a move. That does not mean giving up Chauncey who I feel they should lock up right now before the summer hits.

2:12 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I think the Lions should use Mike Williams as a slot receiver who catches passes over the middle. He has exceptional and hands and good body control. They have been foolish not to put those obvious skills to use this season.

2:47 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Marinelli is looking for grit and determination, I propose the Lions draft soley from the Div III ranks. You wont find a more dedicated competitor....who needs talent anyways. Did Kitna play his college ball at Mt Union?

Happy to see M. Williams is finally starting to come around. Instead of the cold shoulder and letting him figure it out on his own, maybe they should have considered "coaching him up" earlier so an entire season wouldnt have been lost!

5:06 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I hear your point and agree with it. I watched parts of that Division III title game and those kids work and pay extremely hard. They would also get slaughtered at the Division I level. Talent wins. Coaching only helps. Don't believe Marinelli understands that.

7:43 PM 
Anonymous Flog said...

I do agree that at this stage, why not give McCown a shot, but to play devil's advocate for Marinelli here are the reasons he keeps sticking with Kitna: Marinelli wants the focus on the team and his singular message of pounding the rock. Removing Kitna points the blame at the qb. Marinelli took the anti-Mooch approach. ( to paraphrase Tammie Wynette, stand by your QB )secondly, what good does it do throwing Josh McCown into garbage time? These games don't mean anything, and in that environment, one can't properly judge McCown's abilities in this offense..( he probably had minimal reps anyway..)
Next season during minicamp/ training camp is the time to see McCown or Orlovsky or Brady Quinn. In the presser, Marinelli for the first time publicly indicated that Kitna had to play better, Maybe it's not set in stone that he'll be the number 1 guy next season. Kitna has played poorly, and I do want to see McCown, ( the Cowboy game will be a nice test because Dallas may need to win it to clinch the NFC East. )

7:48 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

You are giving the benefit of the doubt to Marinelli, which a lot of people are despite the record. I was doing that myself, too, until the Minnesota game. I understand your reasoning. It is good. But boy, I just want to see what McCown can do. He can't be any worse than Kitna has been lately, at least during the fourth quarter.

12:53 AM 
Anonymous the jedi said...


The Michael Turner suggestion is more than sound. Which triggers another thought..San Diego has a backup with major talent and a high ceiling! What a novel idea! Going out on a limb here, I would think the standard method for acquiring depth would be that little something called the NFL draft. Yet, countless top picks round by round have gone to waste here in Detroit.
On McCown: Giving him a shot is now overdue. Kitna has squandered his chances with the outcome of the games in doubt; When his experience in the league was supposed to make a difference.
...Something tells me that Mike Williams is the newest example of a player who would be productive if he only was with another team. He looks like he's got the tools the NE Patriots could translate into producing making plays on the field.

2:39 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I do think Williams would have been a productive player had he been drafted by an organization other than the Lions. I do not feel he would be a "star" anywhere, though.

2:56 PM 
Anonymous kdog said...

Hey book, what are your thoughts on the Bonderman extension?

11:15 AM 

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