Monday, December 04, 2006

Skeptical About MSU

Michigan State had its Queen Latifah moment last week. You know, U-N-I-T-Y.

And I honestly do not know for sure. Perhaps Mark Dantonio might turn out to be the right selection as MSU's football coach. There are some things on his resume that are impressive.

But I do not trust MSU when it comes to this process. I am suspicious of every last deal and detail. I heard George Perles was not at the press conference. Why? I also heard one of his former players, who played for both he and Dantonio - when Dantonio was Nick Saban's secondary coach at MSU - called WXYT-1270 AM and ripped Dantonio. Could there be trouble brewing on that front? I look at Dantonio and see relative success at Cincinnati and Ohio State ties. But I also see an underwhelming coaching staff. I see MSU losing a couple key recruits because blue chippers no longer see MSU as a destination for blue chip football players. Dantonio recruited primarily in Ohio and Pennsylvania at Cincinnati, but did not land blue chip recruits. Will he be able to deliver at MSU? Will the political factions really give him a chance? I am sorry. There are four decades of distrust build up in MSU football and many of the same people still in place. I do not think you can teach these old dogs new tricks.

Random thoughts

- Thank you to everybody that posted condolences last week about the passing of my father. When I saw them on Friday I was truly touched.

- I know the Big East is a BCS Conference, but Brian Kelly was sure quick to jump from Central Michigan to Cincinnati. I thought a lot of him as a coach, but am not sure anymore. It is not exactly a sign of self-confidence to jump so quickly to a second-tier job like Cincinnati.

- Josh McCown at wide receiver smacks of a coach, the Lions Rod Marinelli, who is putting in build-in excuses for his failure. It is like, "We're lacking so much talent we had to put a quarterback at wide receiver." What a joke, especially considering the Lions have drafted three wide receivers in the first round since 2003.


Blogger garold said...

Welcome back, Pat!

I have to admit, that once again I got sucked into watching the Lions' game, and into the 4th again.

Perhaps they have the wrong QB playing WR!?! Maybe Josh McCown(or is it McClown?) can't play QB??? Why not just put Mike Williams in at QB for the next game; what do you have to lose, huh? Can someone tell me why Kitna is better than Harrington? URGHHHH... forget about it.

Time for some more wall-to-wall baseball.

5:27 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regarding using McCown as a WR...makes you wonder who they will draft this year. It's a shame that new owners & GM's are not available in the draft...

5:54 PM 
Blogger ThinkingMan said...


Yeah, the whole Josh McCown thing is bizzare. Martz spends the week pumping up Mike Williams so he can run the backup QB more plays at receiver? Only in Lions'land does that make logical sense. Here's an idea, how about playing McCown at quarterback and Williams at receiver? Since the Lions are, again, on the fast track to nowhere, why not see if you have anything in those guys at the positions they're supposed to play?

8:26 PM 
Blogger theMUHMEshow said...


Who would you rather have at WR for your franchise? Josh McCown or Justin Gatlin?

Interesting to see Gatlin try his hand in football after track booted his doping butt to the curb. However, when you see a franchise like the LOLn's send their second string QB out at WR it probably gives these track studs mixed signals. I know if I were Gatlin and was done on the track I would give football a try if I saw that.

9:04 PM 
Blogger maddog52 said...

Hey Caputo welcome back. In Detroit we are all one happy family and we care for all of our own.

Let's start with the BCS. To be honest I really think if Michigan would have dropped to number 3 or 4 after losing to Ohio State and both Florida and USC should have moved up to 2 and 3 respectively. Then there would have been no debate. The fact that michigan stayed at number 2 and both Florida and USC had the ability to leap frog them shows that the BCS or the B.S. system is nothing but a fraud. They need to have an 8 team playoff. Heck this would give the kids like Boise State an opportunity. They went undefeated why should that go for nothing. Not saying they are better then OSU or others. I personally think the whole thing boiled down to folks would much rather see Mich. vs USC in the Rose bowl as oppose to a rematch of OSU and Mich. It is what it is. Mich. instead of bickering need to go out and whip USC's tail show why they were screwed. If they lose then they server no justice.

As far as MSU goes. The key for them is going to be recruiting. We can't put the cart before the horse. I think if he can stay away from the bone head antics and play calling like John L. I think he will be a solid coach. I thought he was solid for the Bear Cats.

I'd like to comment on the big shows talk with Sweet Lou. I thought that was awesome. He to was my favorite Tiger. I think it is ludicrous that he is not in Cooperstown along with Trammell. Both should be and have statues in left field, and numbers retired in my mind. Their numbers speak for themselves. I wish a guy like Sparky or others could lobby and push the buttons of the committee to get those guys in. Another guy for the veterans committee I think should consider is lolitch. His numbers were pretty darn good as well. I think it is sick and the Tigers should finally get their due justice.

As far as the Pistons. Yes they are winning the games they are suppose to. Yes they will probably make the playoffs. Lets see though how they do against the good competition before we see where they are at. I mean against teams like Dallas, Spurs, Suns, and so fourth. I do think Flip still needs to utilize that bench more and get more use out of guys like Maxiell who is talent just wasting.

As far as the lions. What can you say. They are the joke of the league. They will get the first pick. Big Deal!!! They have had several good picks. What does that mean. THey suck that is what it means. For Marinelli to say Kitna is a heck of a QB gives me my doubts. He is a heck of a backup QB at best. McCown is the best WR you can throw out there. What a joke. Edwards was a must sign during the off season. Big deal. Drummond oh you got to have taht guy. He rarely gets the ball to the 25 yard line on returns. Who did all those deals. Oh that is right Millen did. THe fords need to revamp that orginization or sell it to someone that will. that need to give Ford Field a pro sport atmostphere like Comerica, Palace, and Joe. Get the cheerleaders and pyro. It's football. DOn't be afraid to upgrade at positions. IF there is a better QB out there that can help do it. Good teams aren't afraid to pull the trigger. You think if the Tigers had a chance to get a good player like Webb, and replace him with Maroth, Robertson or Rogers they wouldn't. You have to improve. your talent sucks, your environment sucks, you as owners suck. Do the right thing.

9:20 AM 
Anonymous Nick P said...

Glad to have you back Book.

First off, heard you on the meatheads yeterday, you and some caller yelling at each other over cell phones while stuck in traffic was great. I was waiting for you to just jump in and start in the middle of a commercial when you got back to the station, good stuff.

MSU. Pat stop! This is our moment of hope, no need to bring reality into this.

Lions. AWESOME. McCown at WR. This was the greatest thing the lions could give the fans. complete and total boobery (credit to valenti for that term). I truly feel for anyone who has to cover this vikings/lions game coming up, what a disaster.

12:57 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Sorry to hear about your dad.

Can you look beyond your cynicsm about MSU and assess the situation with some objective analysis? Perles wasn't there because he isn't on the board of trustees and doesn't have an official job with the school.

You rip on Dantonio's recruiting at Cincy and then call it a second-rate program later in your blog. Be consistent man.

I too am cynical but if your only evidence of unrest is one former player calling your radio station to complain I'd put Dantonio's NC ring and his success at the second rate Cincy (2 bowls in 3 years).

2:25 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...


How can Cincy be a second-rate program and also be evidence of Dantonio's inability to recruit?

Your cynicism once again clouds your judgement.

Dantonio took a second-rate program to 2 bowl games in 3 years with little resources or history of success.

I think he will do find in EL.

2:29 PM 
Anonymous atomicrod said...

Great point on Marinelli Pat. Nothing like playing the back-up QB at Wide out over the number 10 pick in the draft. Guess Detroit needs to keep Eddie Drummond fresh for those kick off returns. Marinilli stated in his post game comments that he expects McCown to play Wide Out Next season as well. ESPN is now reporting that Marinelli stated he will go with Kitna the rest of this season and into next. Jon Kitna's 4th quarter stats this season include the following:

3 Touchdown passes (2 of them were versus the Falcons)
8 Int's (1 returned for a touchdown)
11 Sacks
3 Fumbles lost (1 Returned for a Touchdown)

Now, Kitna is not the Lions only problem. He is however loose with the football game and has failed numerous times this season to lead the Lions down the field in the Lions final drives with a chance to tie or win the game (St. Louis, 49er's, New England – 3 turnovers in last 3 possessions, Minnesota) We know from past history that Kitna is what he is. It would be good to know if Dan Orlowski has a chance to even be a back-up quarterback in this league, instead Marinelli will continue on with Kitna.

Why not I guess, he's lead the Lions to a 2-10 record. Maybe next season we can make it to 4-12. More and more Marinelli looks and sounds like Marty.

11:25 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

LOL on the wall-to-wall baseball thing. I can't wait for the start of spring training, either. Some pretty good hot stove stuff at the winter meetings, though.

10:26 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

If the Lions get the No. 1 overall pick, you just have to wonder how Millen will mess it up. Here's some hopeful thinking: Maybe he won't be back.

10:27 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

LIke I said, it's almost like they wanted to play McCown at receiver to make an excuse about their lack of talent. Weird.

10:28 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

With the exception of Bob Hayes and Willie Gault, both of whom had extensive football backgrounds, sprinters have not had success playing football. But they should always give it a try. Speed is, obviously, the top commodity in football - and sports overall.

10:31 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Lou Whitaker is not even on the ballot and didn't even get much support here locally the first time he was on it. I remember all these writers being shocked he didn't get enough of a percentage to stay on the ballot, yet they didn't vote for him. It was a travesty, in my opinion.

10:32 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Nick P,
I was wrong with that caller. I jumped all over him and he didn't deserve it. I misheard what he had said. Ooops. Didn't mean anything by it. I think he understood that I am, well, just a little off sometimes. LOL

10:34 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

With all due respect, I have nearly four decades of evidence on my side when it comes down to Spartan football.

10:36 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I want to see McCown play - at QB. Kitna is not getting the job done, has no track record for winning the Lions football games. I can't help but wonder if McCown wouldn't do better.

10:37 AM 

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