Friday, December 15, 2006

Lambeau Losing Defines Lions

Of all the events I have been fortunate enough to cover for The Oakland Press, the one where I have seen one team defeated before the start of a game more than any other is when I have witnessed the Lions play the Packers at Lambeau Field. Even during warmups, you just feel how the game is over before it gets started. One game I covered there, Brett Favre just kept heaving the ball deep down the field - and Bryant Westbrook and Terry Fair kept getting called for pass interference. A couple other times, Favre kept throwing these short passes to Ahman Green, who ran for one big gain after another. The Lions offense never gets it going there. I think the Lions struggles at Lambeau can be summed up by last season when they kept running behind an undersized center, Dominic Raiola, against a 400-pound nose guard, Grady Jackson, near the goal line. Shaun Rogers also got a foolish penalty for a hit out of bounds. At least that game was close. It may not be Sunday. I watched a tape of the Packers victory at San Francisco last week. Green is running well. Favre is throwing well. Donald Driver is an excellent receiver. Greg Jennings was a brilliant draft pick. A. J. Hawk and Charles Woodson have really helped the Packers defense. After winning just three games last season, the Packers have made significant progress. With another solid move here and there, and Favre with coming back, they will probably be a contender next season. Certainly the Packers are in much better shape than the Lions for next season. Again, it speaks volumes about the Lions ineptitude.

Random thoughts

- I love Allen Iverson as a player. I admit the thought of him becoming a Piston is intriguing. However, it is the wrong time. As they stand right now, I honestly think the Pistons are championship contenders and should not shake up the deck to acquire Iverson. If he ends up in Miami, so be it. There is only one ball. It would be interesting to see how the Heat would share it.

- A prediction: Michigan will enter next season as the top-ranked college football team in the country. And it may be a stretch. For while the Wolverines will be returning a terrific offense, their losses defensively will be significant.

- I am sorry, but I cannot help but chuckle every time I envision Joel Zumaya playing "Guitar Hero."


Blogger maddog52 said...

Do the lions really ever get it going anywhere ha-ha:)... I think the lions struggles can be summed up in two words THEY SUCK!. I guess it is time to discuss the number 1 pick. Eveen though the lions would screw that up to. A lot of folks have Troy Smith projected in the second round. If you were the lions sitting there at number 1 knowing that Troy Smith is going to be there in the second round. I don't see how you can take a gamble with Brady Quinn. I just don't think it be like drafting Carson Palmer. I have my players the lions should draft, but if millen is calling the shots who cares. I also agree with you guys screw Marinelli. I like the guy, but IF and I mean IF Millen goes. The new guy that comes in see a real proven coach. I'd say bring him in. Either way it don't matter you still need Talent to win in the NFL.

As far as the Pistons. Personally I am satisfied with Billups. I'd be more comfortable knowing he was locked up. I think he will be a great player for us for next several years and is worth the contract. I think this is the Pistons best shot at repeating as champions. They have a decent nucleous Only bad thing I have is that I still thing Flip has trouble with his substitutions and still over relies on the starters. While lindsay is out I'd say let the blaylock kid get some reps. It won't hurt anything. Those are the guys that supply your spark. With Rasheed going down. i know they are probaly going to start McDYess, heck i say plug Maxiell into the power forward spot. Give these kids a chance lets see what we if you don't like what you see you can ship them off. Other then that I like the Pistons shot at winning it all.

As far as Joel Zumya. Just go chec kout the local walmart or Best buy and look at the goofy big kids (adults) and joel zumya will just look normal playing it ha-ha. I am more suprised how much media attention it is getting. I think it sets a lot of tiger fans mind at ease though knowing it is a silly injury as oppose to something that could linger

3:28 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hopefully, Zumaya will mature. Playing video games affecting his pitching or focusing on the radar gun, instead of the batter, are areas for improvement, Dave

3:42 PM 
Anonymous Jedi said...


Just want to comment on the AI thoughts. I think the Heat would have to part with everything but Shaq and Wade. Losing Haslem, Wright (a rookie with decent upside), J. Williams, and Mourning is highly likely. That leaves them with a slew of holes.
I think Detroit is the top contender in the E. with their experience as the biggest factor.

Would you like to see more of Nazr?

He did have a serious impact paired with Duncan in the playoffs for San Antonio.

One last thing...who do you think would join Zumaya if he formed a Tigers guitar hero band? At Drums: Todd Jones maybe...

6:04 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

If Troy Smith drops to the second round, he would be the bargin of the century. Hmmm. The Lions might have the first pick in the second round.

8:32 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I agree with you that Zumaya needs to mature to a degree, but only if he keeps that edge that makes him so fearless in clutch situations.

8:46 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

LOL on the band with Zumaya. How about Kenny Rogers on the bass. The guy has that cool calmness bass players usually have.

8:49 PM 

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