Sunday, April 26, 2015

Thoughts after 6 innings Indians, Tigers Sunday

- The idea of Kyle Lobstein as a successful MLB pitcher goes against conventional wisdom. He is a classic soft-tossing lefty and there are gimmick outpitches. But you must give him credit, he is still able to keep MLB hitters off-balance with a fastball in just the mid 80s half-the-time. He has been impressive today. His ERA for the season is 3.18. His WHIP as a MLB pitcher is near 1.3. He is pretty good.
- Miguel Cabrera. Opposite field home run. Classic Comerica Park moment. We saw another one of those today.
- It was overdue for the Tigers to honor Lou Whitaker like they did today, but truthfully they need to do more for him and Alan Trammell. It's one thing for the duo to be ignored like they have been by Baseball Hall of Fame voters, but another here in Detroit. The Tigers seem to be against the idea of putting up another statue at Comerica Park in their honor, but I think it would be appropriate. They are what symbolized the '84 Tigers more than anything else.


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