Saturday, September 06, 2014

Thoughts halftime Michigan, Notre Dame

Well, lets see, Michigan has allowed pass interference penalties, missed a couple field goals and their offense has been decidedly bland. And they are getting drilled at halftime at Notre Dame because of it. Brady Hoke's teams just don't travel well. I'm not sure they ever will.
- Never has a college football program ever recruited so many highly-regarded defensive backs, and still presented as bad a secondary as the Michigan Wolverines. It's unreal.
- Come on. Who has the better quarterback in this game, if you are really honest about it?
 Everett Golson is widely outplaying Devin Gardner, and he has lesser weapons working with him offensively. Oh, I know, Gardner has a very good completion percentage. But where are the big plays? The Wolverines haven't converted on third down.
- Michigan's offensive line doesn't look any better this year than last year to me. How about you>

My column. Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions have run out of excuses:


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