Thursday, September 04, 2014

Thoughts after 4 innings Tigers, Indians Thursday

- Is Michael Brantley a terrific player or what? I know he has no chance of winning the AL MVP this season, but he'd definitely be in my top 5 if I had a vote. The Indians would be a below .500 team without him, and not even be on the fringes of the playoff race.
- The Tigers are often abysmal defensively. Ian Kinsler makes a lot of very good plays on ground balls, but there have been too many miscommunications on pop ups for a such a top-notch veteran infielder. That was a brutal defensive mistake by Kinsler and Tyler Collins in the fourth inning.
- The Tigers didn't take enough advantage early in the game against struggling Indians starter Trevor Bauer. The Indians have driven Tigers' starter Max Scherzer's pitch count up, so it will be necessary for the Tigers to use their bullpen extensively tonight.


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