Saturday, September 06, 2014

Thoughts on David Price and Giants, Tigers after an inning Saturday

- A banged up Miguel Cabrera has been having trouble catching up with top-end fastballs this season, but Giants' lefty Madison Bumgarner fed him a cookie with that 88 mph low, cut fastball during the first inning. To his credit, Cabrera didn't miss it. That thing was out of the park in an instant. Cabrera has been hitting much better since resting his ankle, but it would be na├»ve to believe he is "back" yet
- The Giants had a smart approach against David Price in the first inning. They have mostly been taking the ball up the middle and not trying to pull the unnecessarily, using his control against him by swinging early in the count. But still, Price is making too many pitches cutting the middle of the plate. None of the Giants hits were cheap. There is a certain tone to this game, which is similar to the start Pirce had at Comerica Park in which he allowed nine straight hits vs. the Yankees. The first inning pushed Price's ERA as a Tiger above four, and this is seventh start with the club. It's not what the Tigers expected when they traded for him, obviously. Rick Porcello's start last night was also disappointing. The Tigers will go nowhere if those two don't pitch more effectively.
- An underrated fact: Kansas City's team ERA is more than a half-a-run per game less than the Tigers.

My column. Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions have run out of excuses:


Blogger Barry said...

Pat, Giants were leaning or looking for outside pitches. Price won easily win 20 games a year if he pitches inside.

3:59 PM 

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