Saturday, May 10, 2014

My thoughts on the Detroit Lions fourth-round picks in the 2014 NFL Draft

Nevin Lawson (left)
I thought the fourth round was a disaster for the Lions from the standpoint there was a predictable run on cornerbacks, which forced them to stretch for one by they time they selected. Nevin Lawson from Utah State is a reach. He is one of those players, who looks the part because he has an athletic build and good speed, but at best he will contribute to the Lions on special teams this season, and it would be a surprise if he develops into any sort of regular player. There was some question he'd be drafted at all.
Larry Webster is intriguing prospect. Listed as a defensive end, he has outstanding speed, but is more an athlete than football player at this point. He's a terrific basketball player. Some people see him as a tight end, rather than a defensive end. These type of draft picks are usually busts, but when they hit, they hit big because you can't coach that type of athleticism. Again, it gets back to special teams. Can Webster help there immediately?


Blogger Barry said...

Pat, the first three rounds are easy but in the 4th round football drafts start to get silly.

11:18 PM 

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