Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Thoughts after two innings Indians, Tigers Wednesday

- This is a reality, which may not make Tigers' fans that comfortable, but Anibal Sanchez did display a lot of inconsistency before he pitched with the Tigers. This type of outing in which he lacked command of the baseball wasn't that uncommon when he was with the Marlins. His career WHIP coming into tonight is 1.333 with a large sample size. Both Sanchez and Max Scherzer outperformed their track records by a wide margin last season.
- It seems like Austin Jackson is not nearly the base stealing threat he was when he originally joined the Tigers. I thought it was a good call by manager Brad Ausmus to send him. I'm surprised he didn't make it.
- I'm sure Terry Francona doesn't fine his pitcher's for walking hitters, but he probably should after Zach McAllister walked Alex Avila in that situation.

My column on Joe Dumars ultimate legacy with the Pistons:


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The Tigers gave $85M guaranteed to a guy who coming into 2013 had a career 3.75 ERA in the weaker league and at age 28 had already undergone two major arm surgeries. There's no reason to expect him to repeat his performance level of 2013, nor is it reasonable to expect Scherzer to post a sub-3 ERA or Cabrera to produce triple-crown type numbers again. In fact, all three players should regress some from last year's levels, and given the Tigers' roster construction, an 85-win season wouldn't be surprising. The good news is that may be enough to win the division.

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