Monday, March 31, 2014

Thoughts after 3 innings Royals, Tigers Opening Day

- Look, a dropped fly ball like the one by Torii Hunter can happen to an outfielder at any time. But it does point, in a way, to how Hunter is not nearly the same defensive force he was earlier in his career with the Twins and Angels. Actually, his defensive metrics last season were not good, and is the reason his WAR was a surprisingly low, 1.7 (his worst since 2000) when he put together a solid season offensively (.800 OPS) and was selected for the All Star Game.
- The field couldn't look better under the circumstances. It's amazing what they can with turf these days putting in new sod during the worst winter in most anybody's memory.
- The idea Justin Verlander is this ready for Opening Day is mindboggling. He has had  good command of the baseball and is throwing relatively hard. He looks very good considering he had off-season surgery.
- Nick Castellanos isn't a threat to steal bases, but he does run well from home to first. There are a number of third basemen who would have been doubled up on his ground ball.
- So the Tigers have no left-handed power. Victor Martinez looked like he will provide some with his home run. What a terrific hitter he is.

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