Thursday, April 03, 2014

Why the Lions signing QB Dan Orlovsky equals subtraction by addition

This is the party line you're going to hear about the Lions signing Dan Orlovsky to be their backup quarterback:
- He played well for new Lions' head coach Jim Caldwell in Indianapolis in 2011. He had a 2-3 record, the only two wins by the Colts that year, and his QB rating was pretty good (82.4).
- He has a strong arm and good accuracy, which is debatable.
Dan Orlovsky: Who in this town doesn't remember this?
- He has good knowledge of the Lions' system because he played for Caldwell.
I'm not buying this one. I think it sends out the wrong message. For one thing, the Lions can do better for a backup. If there is a long-range injury to Matthew Stafford, the Lions' season will essentially be over if Orlovsky becomes their starter. They need to draft a QB relatively early in this draft (rounds 3 or 4), and get somebody who has enough savvy to not only play reasonably well immediately, but eventually push Stafford if he falters (Alabama's A.J. McCarron? LSU's Zach Mettenberger?)
It goes back to Ndamukong Suh and taking a $22,4 million cap hit because he hasn't agreed to a contract extension.
Orlovsky is at the bottom of the list of free agents. He did start seven of the losses for the Lions in their 0-16 season, including providing the signature moment when he apparently forgot there is an end line and ran out of the end zone without being forced, for a safety.
This entire town rolled their collective eyes at the news of Orlovsky signing with the Lions.
Can't say I blame them.
It's subtraction by addition, when you think about it.

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