Sunday, March 16, 2014

My thoughts on MSU's victory over Michigan in the Big Ten Championship Game

Tom Izzo, again, proved why he deserves his status as a legendary coach. The Spartans couldn't have been better prepared for the Big Ten Tournament, or to beat Michigan, which had been on a roll. Izzo didn't just have his team prepared well strategically, but also emotionally. Defense is about effort. The Spartans' defensive effort was superior Sunday, and all weekend. Michigan State didn't shoot well at all from the outside, and still routed the Wolverines.
Izzo also has a deeper and better team than John Beilein and the Wolverines without Mitch McGary, who was really missed Sunday.
Michigan has a lot of issues, which have been masked lately. If they can be defensed on the perimeter, they are going to struggle. They were defensed well on the perimeter in all three games of the Big Ten Tournament, and were fortunate to win twice. The Wolverines had no such luck Sunday
But there is no shame for Michigan in this loss. In a sense it was evening out process. But both teams will be taking similar resumes into the NCAA Tournament.
And each got a championship.

My column. Why MSU is setup for a deeper run in the NCAA tournament than Michigan:


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