Saturday, March 15, 2014

My thoughts on Michigan's victory over Ohio State Saturday in the Big Ten Tournament

LeVert, UM move on
Michigan hasn't played particularly well in the tournament, but has still won both its games. It says a lot for the value of the Big Ten regular season title and the No.1 seed (if they played better competition, the Wolverines likely would be out) and it says a lot for the Wolverines continued display of competitive character.
Michigan didn't shoot well in the second half, the Wolverines missed more free throws than they typically do and they blew a big lead. Yet, they found a way to win.
Aaron Craft blew it for Ohio State at the end with the missed free throws and blundering away the last play, but at the end, Michigan was there to defend him, too.
Excellent win for the Wolverines, and hopefully, for the sake of this state, we see the much-anticipated Michigan State-Michigan championship game tomorrow.


Blogger Keith Kaighin said...

You don't think Michigan played well today? We must have been watching different games.

4:01 PM 

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