Sunday, March 16, 2014

Why the Detroit Tigers need to sign free agent shortstop Stephen Drew


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, and mostly because they don't have anybody else.

1:20 AM 
Anonymous woody said...

not too keen about Drew. adding a veteran lefty hitter makes sense, but Drew has been injury-prone the last few seasons. also, his postseason hitting record is dismal. that's what you're getting for loss of first rounder and money approaching $10 million.

this is a Rafael Soriano situation redux. Tigers with big hole to fill, Boras client attached to loss of draft pick as most obvious solution to problem. Dombrowski taking same tack so far...internal solution.

6:34 PM 
Blogger Contrary Guy said...

If the Tigers got rid of Fister in a salary dump (that is the only way that trade makes any sense) they are not ponying the money up for Drew when Iglesias is their shortstop of the future. They will limp through the year with someone in the organization or a low salaried rental.

8:06 AM 

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