Saturday, November 02, 2013

Thoughts after third quarter Michigan, MSU

- Clearly, Michigan has schemed in this game for taking away the run and making the Spartans' beat them with the pass. MSU QB Connor Cook had been cool under pressure and made some excellent throws earlier in this game, but started to come unglued in third quarter. The interception was just a bad throw. It wasn't long ago the Spartans' QB play was brutally awful. Can't say that anymore. Although, Cook's missed a couple receivers today, he's rapidly becoming a solid QB. With the Spartans' defense being so dominant, that's pretty much all MSU needs from its QB to be a force, at least in the Big Ten. That's what made the interception so disappointing.
- This game does remind me a lot of the 2011 Michigan-MSU game here at Spartan Stadium. Only insert Devin Gardner for Denard Robinson, both being put in what seem like impossible situations.
- Gardner has enough problems against MSU's defense without his receivers dropping passes. Michigan really needed a big game from tight end Devin Funchess today. So far, at least, he hasn't delivered.
- I don't see how Shilique Calhoun can be denied first-team All-American honors this season. What an impact-making defensive end he has become.


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