Saturday, November 02, 2013

Thoughts after first quarter Michigan, MSU

- The 49-yard catch-and-run by MSU fullback Trevon Pendleton, setting up a field goal, was symbolic of what the rivalry has become. Pendleton was a 3-star recruit. He was a highly-regarded fullback, but there was no buzz about his recruitment on signing day. MSU QB Connor Cook was also a 3-star recruit. So was defensive end Shilique Calhoun. He has scored three defensive touchdowns this season and sacked Michigan QB Devin Gardner for an 11-yard loss in the first quarter. It's the three-star recruits of MSU beating the Wolverines' four- and five-star recruits which has made this rivalry so rare. It's a testament to MSU coach Mark Dantonio and an indictment of Brady Hoke, and his predecessor at Michigan, Rich Rodriguez. We'll see how the rest of the day plays out.
- Gardner has taken a number of sacks today, and it's a sign of his maturation as a QB. Today is the last day he should take chances unnecessarily. Today is the day he should make taking care of the ball his No.1 priority. The fact the first quarter ended in an exchange of field goals is hardly a surprise. This figures to be a very tight, defensive-oriented football game. One really good TD drive, making field goals and taking care of the ball might be enough for either offense to win it.
- What do I think of MSU's all green uniforms? I think they are hideous. I liked their Pro Combat uniforms for the 2011 Michigan game much better.
- Does Michigan ever get production from the tailback position anymore? It's like the Wolverines don't even try to establish a traditional running attack. It seems so unlike Michigan, given its tradition. It's like MSU's front seven knows Michigan is going to pass and is teeing off both on the Wolverines' offensive line and Gardner.


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Sad that this has what the B10 has become. Both schools are abysmal

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