Monday, October 14, 2013

Just the beginning of the pain and gain for Tigers, Red Sox


Blogger Barry said...

Pat the last thing you want for either team is to have a sweep. They say 6 game series is perfect.
I don't buy that either that Max was done, he should have started the 8th. I really question Kelly
over Dirks because Dirks makes a living off guys that throw 93 m.p.h or less. Kelly is only effective against ground ball pitchers. I do believe though Kelly would have made the catch in RF. I like Hunter bat and arm but I have been extremely disappointed with his D.

2:11 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, the pain for Tiger's fans is watching Leyland make pitching changes.

6:24 PM 
Blogger section444 said...

My shot at second guessing: If Ortiz is the one hitter who could most do damage, why not give him the unintentional intentional pass. Allowing even 3 runs would have kept the Tigers in the lead.


11:25 PM 

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