Saturday, September 14, 2013

Thoughts halftime Michigan, Akron

-  Sure, it's natural to letdown after the massive win over Notre Dame last week. But come on, Akron is awful.
- If Michigan doesn't turn the ball over, this game is the expected rout already. Devin Gardner's interceptions in the second quarter were especially disappointing. He has the makings of an outstanding quarterback, perhaps one of the best in the country, but not if he doesn't start taking better care of the ball. The Wolverines will be in trouble and Gardner's potential will never be realized if he keeps playing loose with the football.
- Brendan Gibbons' missed field goal was also disappointing. The Wolverines are doing a lot of little things wrong today and displaying little intensity defensively. Akron hasn't played a perfect game (interception, two missed field goals), but has been effective shortening the clock. I still don't see much of a chance for an upset, though.
- Michigan's run blocking in this game has been terrible. It might be a good idea to see what Derrick Green can do if given on opportunity to carry the ball consistently. Michigan will not win big until it establishes a top-notch running game with its running backs. That just hasn't happened so far.


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