Sunday, September 08, 2013

Thoughts atter 3rd quarter, Vikings, Lions

- Very impressive catch-and-run for a touchdown by Reggie Bush. Minnesota's safeties, particularly Harrison Smith, took poor angles in reaction to the pass. Bush saw a seam, and subsequently we saw his speed. He is one of the fastest backs in the NFL. If anything, his pure speed has been underrated. The Lions have done a good job of putting Bush in position to take full advantage of it. Now, part of this is because so much attention is being paid to Calvin Johnson. At some point, you might see the Vikings, and other defenses, respond to what Bush is doing. It will be at that point, a lot of things could open up for Calvin Johnson.
- Anybody complaining about the Lions taking Ziggy Ansah with their first-round pick? His ability to make plays is obvious, even in this game, for which he only had a few days to prepare.
- Jerome Simpson made a truly spectacular reception for the Vikings. I didn't think there was any way he'd be able to get underneath that ball. He is the same guy who did the somersault to score a touchdown for Cincinnati a couple years ago. He is an amazing athlete, evidently.
- In theory, Nate Burleson should be open a lot the way the Lions' offense is setup. They need him to make a play or two, which he did on the Lions' first touchdown drive of the half.
- The Lions' offensive line has held up well so far today. Stafford has had time to throw. Their running game has been respectable, if not spectacular.


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