Sunday, September 08, 2013

Thoughts at the end of 1st quarter Vikings, Lions

- This game couldn't have started out any worse for the Lions. A promising Detroit drive stalling? A field goal snap fumbled by a rookie punter serving as holder? Vikings' All-Pro running back and longtime Lions' nemesis Adrian Peterson breaking off a 78-yard touchdown run? I understand a lot of Lions' fans began mumbling under their breath, or perhaps even screaming, "Same old Lions." I couldn't blame them. It was impossible not to think the same thing.
- Reggie Bush's bearing on the Lions' offense isn't overrated. He makes a huge difference. If both Bush and Calvin Johnson remain healthy, it's difficult to image they won't have big seasons.
- I didn't understand, after the apparent Johnson touchdown reception was overruled upon review, why the Lions weren't more aggressive after that. It was almost as if they settled for a field goal. The two play calls after the play was overruled showed a blatant lack of aggressiveness.
- Despite the TD being overruled, Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford made a very good throw on the play. He did so throwing off his back foot and side arm.
- Joique Bell is an excellent inside runner with a very good feel for picking his way through the clutter. He has a knack for making tacklers miss when he gets the ball in space. His mediocre 40-yard dash isn't much of a factor. He is very functionally solid NFL running back.
- What is it with the drops and Lions' tight ends? It's like Tony Scheffler has caught the disease.


Blogger Barry said...

I like Lions Backfield with Bush and Bell. Bell is a nice pick up considering he wasn't even drafted and cut from so many teams. Good work by the Lions.

2:02 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How many ways can the lions shoot themselves in the foot? Sue's penalty cost a touchdown. Calvin's non-touchdown was his fault. Catch and secure the's a TD! How many tipped balls have to take place at the line of scrimmage before you blame Stafford? And then the dropped passes? I hate my team...but can't stop watching! Help!

2:23 PM 

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