Saturday, September 07, 2013

Thoughts at halftime Notre Dame, Michigan

- Devin Gardner looks exceptionally under control tonight, that's for sure. He is an outstanding scrambler, who runs with a great sense of purpose, rather than flash. His first-down completion in the face of pass rush to Jeremy Gallon for a first down midway through the second quarter was particularly impressive. But Michigan needs more production from its running backs to ease the load on him. It will eventually catch up to the Wolverines. Time to let Derrick Green loose.
- Tommy Rees has mostly looked sharp. It makes you wonder if Notre Dame isn't better off with him than it would have been with Everett Golson at QB. But you could see his limitations when Rees was picked off near the end of the first half. He is strictly a pocket passer. If Michigan can get him more on the run, it would totally stymie ND's offense.
- Watching this game, you'd never know tight end Jake Butt is a true freshman. There was no hesitation to throw the first pass of the game to him and, later, he made an excellent play finding an opening in Notre Dame's zone while Gardner was on a scramble for a first down reception.
- The "Maize Rage" look at Michigan Stadium is particularly effective at night. It's like the Big House is glowing. Or you could say it has the look of the world's biggest sunflower.


Blogger David Matteson said...

Great insight!!!!!..You're right never saw so much Maize!!!...Remember sitting in sec 23 Row 57 for Grbac to Howard Blue was the Shade Hahah...Nice Pat...Whaler

10:09 PM 

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