Saturday, August 31, 2013

Thoughts after 1st quarter, Central Michigan, Michigan

- Devin Gardner made two brilliant plays on the Wolverines' first offensive scoring drive which displayed why he might be a special QB. He didn't panic while scrambling in the backfield, keeping his eyes down the field and finding Drew Dileo for a huge game. Then, he followed his blockers brilliantly while picking his way through the Central Michigan defense on a remarkably easy touchdown run.
- Dennis Norfleet is often forgotten when Michigan's is examined, but he does have game-breaking ability. We saw it on a reverse in the first quarter. He is elusive.
- Joe Reynolds from Rochester Adams has done a terrific job of getting on the field at Michigan. Now he has made his impact felt by returning a blocked punt for a touchdown. Great story for a fifth-year senior wide receiver, who has earned it.
- James Chapman, the Central Michigan cornerback, did a terrific job of jumping a short route and intercepting a pass. It was textbook stuff. But the Chippewas wasted a golden opportunity by not getting into the end zone and settling for a field goal.
- Jeremy Gallon has become the master of the back shoulder reception. Gardner throws it well, too.


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