Sunday, September 15, 2013

Thoughts after 1st quarter Lions, Cardinals

- Horrible example of field goal kicking by David Akers. It was a decent drive by the Lions considering they started at their own five. Anything under 50 yards should be a high percentage attempt for an NFL kicker. OK. So there is somewhat of a pass for a 52-yarder. But the second try less than 50? Come on. No excuse for that. As for the injury problem, Akers had them last season. The Lions were aware before they signed him. And please, don't start with the Kickalious talk. The Lions may have not signed the right kicker this off season. Special teams breakdowns are so hurtful.
- The Lions' defense did not look good on first Cardinals' drive. But you can see why the Cardinals are, well, the Cardinals. They just didn't connect on a couple makeable pass plays. It went better for the Lions' defense the second time they were on the field. Lions' can't win this game with constantly bad field position, though.
- The Cardinals are playing man-to-man on the Lions' other receivers and double-teaming Calvin Johnson. Thought they might leave Patrick Peterson alone on him. The Lions' "other" receivers have to come through. That was a bad drop by Nate Burleson.
- Bill Bentley is a solid NFL player. He is growing nicely into his role as a nickel back. He looks like a starting-caliber cornerback long term. He made a nice play to thwart Arizona's second drive.


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