Monday, August 05, 2013

MLB suspensions of Jhonny Peralta, A-Rod, others not too little, but way too late


Blogger Fred Brill said...


Yeah, it was a sad day for baseball, as the scapegoats were lead to their podiums or wrote their press releases explaining how sorry they were and asking forgiveness.

But I was waiting to hear at least one of them say "base-a-ball bean berry berry good ... to me".

That would have made it more palatable.

Power corrupts and when there are no checks or balances in place, then change only can come from the top of power ... when it benefited them.

The media ... the press ... usually the ones who empower the wrath of checks and balances in a free / free market society ... got as caught up in the McGuire - Sosa thriller as the public ate it up. If the public doesn't care - then the powerful are free to make their marionette characters dance however the strings they pull allow.

I like Scherzer's solution - void the contracts of players found guilty ... except that keeps the power at the top.

But I really don't think the public cares.

Freak-shows were around long before baseball.

10:20 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't tell me about Bud Selig, he buried his head in the sand as those guys were bombing home runs and increasing the interest in baseball. What a shame. Now we don't know who to vote into the Hall of Fame or Shame. What a terrible turn for MLB. Selig should be run out of baseball .. he should never be voted into anything. You're exactly right, too little, too late.

12:14 PM 

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