Thursday, July 18, 2013

Keys for the Detroit Tigers moving forward after All Star Game

- The schedule definitely favors the Tigers. They have no West Coast trips remaining, for example. But there are a couple traps. One comes right out of the break, when they travel to Kansas City and Chicago in back-to-back trips. The Tigers have not played particularly well in either place in recent years, and they are a combined 3-5 record against the White Sox Royals this season - although both teams are below .500. The Tigers also have road trips remaining to New York (Yankees) and Boston,
Victor Martinez: Production looking up
- Max Scherzer has been terrific. The one thing hasn't done, though, during his career is put back-to-back solid halves within the same season. He has been inconsistent from half-to-half. Will that change in 2013?
- Is the real Justin Verlander the one who dominated MLB in 2011 and 2012 or the one who kind of scuffled before the All Star break? My best guess is Verlander and Scherzer will have similar statistics by the end of the season.
- If Victor Martinez continues to hit like he did in the last four weeks before the All Star break (.348, three homers, 17 RBI, .944 OPS), the Indians have no chance. He still has a low OPS overall (.693), but now is on pace to drive in 86 runs. Could be the slump is over and Martinez is back in stride for the long run.
- It would be naïve to believe the Tigers bullpen is good enough to win the World Series. You'd think Dave Dombrowski will do something before the trade deadline, which is rapidly approaching. The Brewers' Francisco Rodriguez would be ideal, but at what cost?
The Tigers have a great trading chip in Nick Castellanos, but the Tigers might be better served saving it for the off season because this franchise could need a starting shortstop in the not-to-distant future.


Blogger Barry said...

I agree Pat, they need to pick up an arm for the 7,8 or 9 inning. I am okay with Benoit closing. In a normal year, not having to win WS this year, I would be okay with AA or Rondon handling the 7th inning for development purposes. K-Rod is my pick from the Brewers because they have Henderson to take his place. So we really don't have to sent back a reliever. They need starting pitching. That spells VerHagen and probably good A-Ball prospect in Vasquez. If not, move to the next team. I also agree Nick should not be traded for a reliever.

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