Saturday, August 03, 2013

A-Rod, MLB suspensions not only warranted, but long overdue


Anonymous Michael C said...

"Jack Morris’ star will continue to diminish because of Sabermetrics stats."

Not really, Pat. You make it clear very often how much you dislike Sabermetrics, but the most common knock against Morris' case is he'd have the highest ERA of any pitcher in the HOF, and one of the highest WHIPs too.

btw I don't know if you've ever made note of this, but you should know that advanced stats say that Trammell and Whitaker are clear HOFers, and I assume that is something you believe as well.

Their WAR over the years is much more eye popping than their conventional stats. If more HOF voters had a better understanding of Sabermetrics - and were less resistant to change - they'd probably already be in the Hall by now.

10:18 PM 

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