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Blogger Fred Brill said...

Book, a couple of things here strike me as contradictory ... albeit I will admit that your take on this seems also to be the dominant take of the majority of Tiger Fans.

"The Tigers have a 52-42 record. It’s their best start since 2007, but ..."

then later end on the sentiment that "The Tigers haven’t exactly overachieved".

Let's think about that "best start since 2007" statement.

* That's the best start since Miggy joined the Tigers.

* That's the best start since Prince Joined Miggy. to help Miggy become Tripple Crown winner Miggy in 2012.

* That's the best start since Verlander rose to and held his ultimate dominance. MVP and Cy Young Justin Verlander.

In 2007 this was the Pudge, Maggs, Polanco, Granderson show with now Triple A Mudhen Bonderman still regarded as our Ace.

This is the best start we have seen from this squad - now even more so with Martinez coming out of his slump.

Last year - world series bound and Miggy almost as hot as he is now - we just finally took first place over? We did that months ago this year.

And Cleveland, God bless their disillusioned little Native-American-warrior-mascot little hearts - they are keeping the Tigers honest.

That's how it should be! Not perhaps as comfy as we want it to be. But it makes us still pay attention to every pitch of every game!

So I take this to mean (and I don't necessarilly disagree with it) that every year since 2009 the Tigers have been seriously underachieving as a team despite the great achievements they have made?

The best start since 2007 with a Bullpen scotch taped together?

What are we expecting here? Perhaps it's not that the boys are "not overachieving" - a backhanded compliment me things - but perhaps we are over-expecting.

We think that every pitching start should be a no-hitter attempt with double-digit run support. We think that a closer giving up a game losing tater means they should never close again (no I don't mean Valverde - his time expired).

Ya gotta play them to find out what really happens. And this year - while maybe not as good as we over-expected - they are not over-achieving as much as we want them to.

I'll take the 52-42 record at the break and say:

"good job so far boys! Now get out there and win another 13 in a row, Max. Miggy - if you don't win another Triple Crown then your slacking - Prince - you should be hitting like Miggy - and Justin, we need a couple more no-hitter bids - c'mon you're Verlander"!

And then I'll be right in tune with all the other Tiger Fans.

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